We all have been through trauma in our lives. Some may have experienced mild trauma, but others have to deal with more significant trauma.

It is not only about dealing with traumas, but also anxiety that follows it. Post-traumatic stress is no joke as it shatters the person going through it. However, profound experiences in life are crucial for you to grow a thick skin. Everything in our life happens for a reason.

However, it depends on us whether or not we structure our life better. Have you ever heard of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? PTSD is a severe disease that most people go through when dealing with significant trauma in their lives.

Post Traumatic Disorder has varying effects on people’s lives. It can cause people to lose their sleep, confidence, and even their will to mingle with people. A person going through an emotional trauma usually has weak mental senses. A person dealing with PTSD can help themselves in dealing with anxiety better. However, people around them also play a big part in assisting them in coping with anxiety.

PTSD is a severe form of anxiety that people should take to restrict it from running their lives.

There are a variety of PTSD stages that led to severe outcomes. So, what are the five stages of PTSD? The first stage is the emergency stage, where the body reacts to subside the trauma. The second stage is the denial stage, where you deny that something terrible has happened to you. The third stage is the short-term recovery stage, where you somewhat feel better.

The fourth stage is the long-term recovery stage, where things start to get better in the long-run. The fifth stage is the stage where you feel like yourself again. The ultimate question is, can you get rid of post traumatic disorder? You can get rid of it if you seek help and do things that make you feel great.

Ways to control Post Traumatic Anxiety

Most people ask their therapist, can we get PTSD from anxiety? Most mental disorders are interconnected, and they go hand in hand. Hence, you must try to control your mental issues at the initial level to stop them from getting more significant. You can adopt some habits to help yourself in dealing with post-traumatic anxiety. Let’s have a quick rundown of all the ways that can help you get rid of post-traumatic anxiety:

1.      Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a wise choice if you are having difficulty in dealing with anxiety issues. You can enroll yourself in a therapy session where a therapist helps you in dealing with trauma.

You are often stuck in a traumatic mindset where you always think about the situation and blame yourself. A good therapy session lasts for about 60 to 90 -minutes. Through therapy, you will be able to figure out your feelings in a much better way. You learn how to let go and return to your everyday life.

2.      Talk to people

You may feel alone in your dark times, but some people can help you get an outlet. People wonder, can you have PTSD from anxiety? It is the other way around because you get anxiety because of PTSD.

One of the easiest ways to deal with trauma is to let your heart out and speak about your fears openly. When you start talking about things you are struggling with, the fear of judgment vanishes. You can speak to any person you trust, or even strangers work in some cases.

3.      Distract yourself

Even an average person with no mental issues finds it hard to deal with trauma. It is okay to give yourself a break and grieve in peace. However, you cannot suffer for months or years because you have to live your life.

The best way for you to start living your life again is to distract yourself. You must deal with your demons and come back stronger than ever. If you are looking to alleviate your mood, you need to find a good distraction for yourself. You can take a short vacation as an escape from your everyday life.

4.      Focus on self-care

The most crucial thing in your life is you. You cannot help anyone until you help yourself. If you are dealing with anything serious in your life, you must transform energy and do something positive. You can enroll yourself in a gym and do heavy cardio to burn off some steam.

5.      Pump up your caffeine intake

Excessive caffeine intake is not suitable for our health, but we can use extra caffeine to light up our days. You can add Red Maeng Da Kratom to your coffee  to make it stronger. Do you know kratom can treat mental issues? You should have a small dose of kratom once a day to improve your mental health. You can buy kratom from local vendors in your area. On the days when you feel the anxiety kicking in, you can increase kratom dosage to calm your nerves.




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