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LGBT: Boy Scouts Lift Ban On Gay Leaders And It’s About Time!

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There is an old joke about when a Cub Scout becomes a Boy Scout, it’s when he eats his first Brownie. But nowadays, the Boy Scouts are letting everyone into their midst, as they should. The fact that they tout that it is something they do now, to me is a travesty.

Allowing all people no matter what race, religion, creed or sexual orientation should not be something to hang your hat on. It should be the norm and therefore allowing it to happen is no big deal. But for some reason, the Boy Scouts of America were way behind the times as far as allowing gay boys into their group.

Now they expect us all to applaud because the Boy Scouts of America have decided to lift the blanket ban on gay adult leaders. First of all, that ban should have never been enacted in the first place. Secondly, and to me this is even worse, they will still allow church-sponsored Scout units to support the exclusion for religious reasons.

Really! Let me see if I have this straight, these are the same religious folk that turn a blind eye when their priests decide to have their way with altar boys? Their idea of “handling” that situation is to move the priest to some other unsuspecting group of parishioners. This group has the audacity and profound arrogance to have an issue if a scout leader is gay?

Let me tell you something, being gay is not an affront to morality. Being gay does not mean you engage in abhorrent behavior. Being gay does not automatically mean that your children will be in danger because their leader is.

It is a crime and a shame that this topic has to be even brought up. The sad part about this finally being enacted is that the vote to let it happen wasn’t unanimous. No, twelve idiots actually voted against the idea of allowing a gay man to be a Scout Leader. That means that 12 people still have their heads up their rear ends and live in the dark ages.

But, thank goodness at least 45 people had the good sense to realize that a good Scout Leader is not defined by his sexual orientation, but whether or not he can lead a group of Scouts to do exactly what they are supposed to do. Under the new policy, these changes take effect immediately:

-Prospective employees of the national organization could no longer be denied a staff position on the basis of sexual orientation.

-Gay leaders who were previously removed from Scouting because of the ban would have the opportunity to reapply for volunteer positions.

-If otherwise qualified, a gay adult would be eligible to serve as a Scoutmaster or unit leader.


That wasn’t that painful was it? I promise you, the Boy Scouts of America will not only survive this new policy, they will THRIVE under it.

It’s funny; I always thought that tolerance was one of the tenants that the Boy Scouts were supposed to teach. Until Monday, I guess it was do as I say and not as I do.

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