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LGBT : Being A Transgendered Woman In 2014

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“Does my hair look good in this?” OMG! Can you notice my Adams apple?”  These are just two of the things transgendered women worry about all the time.

Everything from cost of living, employment, being ‘passable’ are all everyday occurrences when transwomen can come into difficulties.

My views and experiences are most definitely somewhat different from most. However some are more relatable and inspiring to be able to help others, as my last column, titled  “How A British Transgender Model Can Open Our Eyes In America” stated.

Being transgendered in 2014 has a few differences than before. Now, it’s about looking your best. People know about transsexuals now and nearly everyone I come across know at least one person who is going through the change.

It’s very common these days which itself has brought a lot of change in society. We are more accepted worldwide. However, the kind of change it has brought that isn’t good is the life of ‘passing’ and being image conscious.

Now it is not fair nor nice on the poor souls who try and be the opposite sex in which they feel more comfortable as and pass. This logic makes the ones who are “prettier” more inferior and tend to get further in their transition or life in general.

I want to help you and build and empower a sense of confidence. Its all about how you put yourself out there. If you’re tall naturally stay clear of heels, kitten heels are a fashion disaster there are so many gorgeous boots and flats out there.  This is one area—a lot, but not all—transgender women fail.

They go so overboard that they stand out like a sore thumb. One of the biggest insults to a transgender woman is calling her a “drag queen” or “cross dresser”  My advice is don’t give someone a reason to make that assumption.

If you have it in your town/city go to a MAC makeup counter, as they are by the best! For teaching you what works, it’s usually around £30 here in the UK.

I work hard on building myself and my inner confidence to help me to deal with today’s society.  There’s still a few things which I find are very hard to deal with such as ladies gym changing rooms to be precise.

I think you should do your research into a local gym if you are looking to attend. Mention that you are transgender and see what your options are this will help with those awkward and somewhat upsetting moments where you’re not treated as the woman that you are.

Being transgendered in 2014 is overall great and very interesting, as I have not once come across someone negative towards me and I am a model.  I have however had to educate people and I will not stress the importance of this.

Just go for it! Say that you understand where they’re coming from and that you want them to know you value their opinion. It is so much better than an argument.


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