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Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner: Episode Thirty Three

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In today’s Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner episode, Liberty Lad comments on Donald Trump’s series of flip-flops on the issue of illegal immigration. Donald Trump is like a skyscraper without a foundation: flashy and flamboyant from the outside but is, in reality, very shaky and unstable.

Illegal immigration from south of the border is a huge issue in this year’s election cycle. Donald Trump, from the time he announced his candidacy to a week ago, has made his hard-line position on illegal immigration his go-to policy against his opponents. Many staunch conservatives believed in that platform as it aligned with the conservative theme of law and order and fidelity to the social compact.

It was also a position of “America First” and would have been effective in reducing crime, opening up job opportunities albeit it being a borderline impossible proposal. That appealed to many conservatives all across the nation as it hit a very important issue and dealt with it accordingly.

The feasibility of Trump’s original immigration policies was fringe at best, but the problem is not that he now supports touchback amnesty. Touchback Amnesty is a position taken by many well-respected Republicans and isn’t totally crazy. What is crazy is that Trump is willing to do an 180-degree turn on his most important issue. That fact should scare voters and put a serious question mark on all another conservative, liberty-oriented principles proposed by him. Issues like tax cuts, slashing of regulations, and energy independence require him not to pivot or soften, according to his words.

However, as a man that flip-flops all over the place and refuses to stay on principles, Trump has changed his immigration policy to mirror that of Marco Rubio’s and Jeb Bush’s. Like many politicians in America, today have known to lie on the campaign trail, Donald Trump shows his true colors by not standing by his original proposal of the deportation plan.

This election cycle is getting more and more exciting as the future of America is being reshaped. While Trump’s platform is wobbly and incoherent, his views on the nation are much better than that of Hillary Clinton’s, who believes in open borders and a unlimited number of illegal immigrants that unfairly receive constitutional rights.

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