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Dallas Cowboys should consider Mark Sanchez

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The Dallas Cowboys are at a crossroads and the NFL season has yet to begin officially. Their starting QB Tony Romo will be out for 6-10 weeks with another injury. By the looks of things, they may be forced to throw their playoffs chances on the shoulders of am an unproven rookie, Dak Prescott.

If the Cowboys feel that Prescott is not ready to have that type of pressure on him in his first season, then the Cowboys must look for a stop-gap, until 2017 or at least midseason. With reports that the Denver Broncos may be releasing or willing to trade veteran QB Mark Sanchez, who has reportedly dropped to 3rd string, then a Cowboys and Sanchez marriage might be the best option for both.

Sanchez has struggled in Denver but not as much as the Broncos are making it out to be. It seems that John Elway wants to go younger at the position after watching Peyton Manning struggle his last season, which resulted in a Super Bowl win, but Elway gets what he wants, and if makes Sanchez available then the Boys must pounce on that.

Sanchez can still lead a team, yes, the turnovers are an issue but so is not having a veteran presence in the huddle. What Prescott has done this preseason has been remarkable, but that tends to happen a lot when you are facing 2nd and 3rd string guys. There is no denying his talent and what he brings will provide a change of direction in the Cowboys offense, but is he ready?

I think he is ready but not to start the season. The Cowboys will face the Eagles, Packers, Bengals and Redskins to start the first half of the season and Sanchez may be the best option to get them through that whirlwind After their Bye in Week, seven then throw Prescott in and let him do what he does. With Sanchez, the Cowboys will strictly be an ordinary NFL team, pocket passing, and handoffs but Prescott will give them that Russell Wilson and Cam Newton option that when paired with RB Ezekiel Elliott will be dangerous to stop.

With Romo out, Prescott can now build on his timing with Dez Bryant and Jason Witten that will help during the season. If Prescott is not the answer for now, then the Cowboys better get a reliable veteran presence flown in, pronto. I like what Prescott offers, but he still needs time to get adjusted to the NFL like so many other rookie QBs. He’s had a great preseason but when the games start to count, the pressure gets real, and there are no more playing for 5-10 series and taking a seat.

If the staff decides to start him, then they will still need a veteran backup just in case. You may not like Sanchez, but he is the best option right now to help the Cowboys and Prescott.

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