It seems incredible that after so many years of persecution against the cannabis plant, CBD has come to change this vision. However, to this day many are unaware of what CBD is, and the answer is very simple; Also known as Cannabidiol, it is one of the main compounds that together with Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC are part of the natural cannabinoids that are present in CBD or hemp cannabis. Without producing any psychoactive effect, this peculiarity has catapulted it as a powerful resource of natural medicine that is setting the standard today.

Personal care items such as creams or products for skin and hair are also enjoying the CBD boom, and the cosmetology industry has not missed the opportunity to join this trend. It was to be expected, since CBD has been valued to combat acne, psoriasis and other types of diseases that cause skin lesions, in addition its antioxidant effect allows its mechanism of action to fight against the effects of free radicals resulting in an effect anti-aging that allows to restore the affected area.

CBD has also arrived in edible presentations such as cookies or gummies, undoubtedly a good alternative to enjoy its properties at any time of the day. It should be noted that to enjoy all the properties of this compound, a consistent and persevering use is necessary, in addition to applying the right dose that guarantees its effectiveness, especially in those conditions of great social concern such as stress and anxiety .

Where to buy CBD-based products?

Given the popularity and legality of CBD, more and more establishments have opened their doors to the commercialization of products based on the CBD flower, so it is very common to find them in pharmacies, herbalists or supermarkets. However, online shopping continues to lead.

CBD has a strong foothold in natural medicine

Those who are inclined towards natural medicine have discovered in CBD a workhorse to alleviate different ailments and it is that this compound has been the protagonist of a long journey from the scientific and research field where the wide range of benefits that are achieved after consumption and that undoubtedly enhance the body’s response to fulfill different natural organic tasks present in mammals.

In addition to this, it is necessary to mention the legal protection that this compound has gained thanks to its therapeutic value, so that today its commercialization in different countries is completely legal and Europe is one of the continents that enjoys this benefits, as long as when the derived products contain the legal amount of THC allowed, that is, below 0.2%.

Different presentations of CBD

The wide commercialization and acceptance of CBD as a trend in modern culture has been worth it for the emergence of a market that grows robustly, thus, different presentations are available to users of legal age to enjoy the benefits of this compound without violating legal regulations. One of the most commercialized forms has been CBD oil or oily extract, it usually comes in a small amber bottle with a dropper, therefore its consumption is very discreet and practical.



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