By Victor Spence

Whilst most of us can happily kill a few hours by vegetating on the sofa in front of streaming movie channels and online games, there are a few individuals who’ve managed to convert a little digital entertainment into some surprising real-life rewards. So from momentarily-distracting dating sites that can help you find the love of your life, to online casino games that can take you on holiday of a lifetime, here’s a look at some great ways that entertainment can seriously enhance your life.

Much has been made of how dating sites like Tinder have reinvented the way in which we conduct our 21st century relationships. But with news stories showing how online love is more durable than its real-life counterpart, it’s revealed that there’s more to dating sites than simply swiping your way through a series of strangers’ faces.

Similarly, the internet is full of dubious get-rich-quick schemes that seem to be engineered more towards parting you with your money rather than benefitting your long-term financial future. However, with many subscribers to Netflix being invited to join the firm’s Stream Team as a way to binge-watch and receive a little financial remuneration, it provides perhaps the first instance of being paid to watch TV!

The world of online games has made much of competitive gaming that sees teams of individuals taking part in massively-publicized competitions over the internet that can often lead to impressive prize pool winnings.

But you don’t have to be a gaming nerd to enjoy a little competitive online gaming as the LadyLucks online casino site has a roulette competition in Gibraltar that offers an easy way to get there while playing online via the site’s user-friendly gaming interface that can be accessed via a laptop or smartphone.

It’s not just financial riches that can be earned via online environment as you can improve your daily life with some fun health-related online entertainment. And what better way to keep fit than by being chased by an imaginary pack of zombies with the crazily-innovative Zombies, Run game that can be simply installed onto your smartphone to make that early morning run all the more interesting!

And with a recent newspaper report that suggested that those oh-so-addictive online puzzle games can make our brains stronger, it’s just another more-than-welcome reason as to why we should kick back and enjoy ourselves a little more with some relaxing digital entertainment.


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