Your home is the depiction of who you are and its design is going to show everyone who enters the house who you are. Homeowners gather in their home items they love, so your couch actually says a lot about you. The problem is many people just gather things, without considering a specific style. This can make your house look really eclectic or a bit messy.

This is why you need to identify your home Improvement style and stick to it when you plan your next remodeling project. Most people actually have a mix of styles, so it can be hard to identify it, but once you do, you will be able to define your style by adding enhancing items, such as rugs or coffee tables.

Home decor styles

There are many home decor styles out there, but all of them can be resumed to one or two of these three styles: classic, modern and rustic.

The rustic home decor style includes a lot of unfinished, raw materials, ranging from wood to metal and stone. There are many textures involved and the structure of the house is mostly visible, leaving the pipelines and the beams exposed. This style features many re-purposed items, so you might find a sewing machine table re-purposed as a dining table in a house decorated in this style.

You can also spot vintage looking rugs which complement an old-looking rocking chair that sits in front of the fireplace. At the other end of the compass there are the more industrial-looking styles, which feature a lot of metal and offer an overall grunge look to the house.

Modern styles feature clean and simple lines, few textures and graphic patterns. Houses decorated in this style are usually very clutter-free, with light paints on the walls and a couple of accent shades in the furniture. In a modern style house you will often find a couple of large, essential furniture pieces and almost no small furniture, but a lot of light sources. The patterns and the layout of the entire house might feature asymmetric lines.

A traditional home is packed with natural colors and textures, as well as pairs of furniture. The chairs, couch and tables have a lot of curves and rounded features, which match the floral patterns of the rugs or walls. Most of the items in a house decorated traditionally are matching each other, so you will find a set of couch and two or more recliners, a set of lights and so on. The color palette is often perfectly matched and the shades are inspired from the nature, so brown wood tones and pale blue or creams are often a staple of this style.

After reading about these home styles you will probably realize your house features more than one of these elements and this is because your own style is a mix between these three basic styles. You need to think which of these elements are more common in your own house – this is the main style of your house.

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