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Lifestyle: How To Travel on a Budget with Rewards

As you sit in the office going through your day-to-day work schedule, your mind starts to wonder and one thought is crystal clear. You need to take some time off to travel and experience a new adventure. After this realization, you choose a location, timing, and book flights and accommodations. Although this sounds like a simple checklist, each step comes with steep costs.

According to Trekk Blog, the average international trip for American travelers now costs $6,080. This number may look insurmountable to some, but there are ways to help mitigate some of the costs to travel. Here are the 5 best ways to travel on a budget with rewards:

1. Travel Tuesdays

Tuesdays are not the most conducive days to travel for most. Airlines know this and price their tickets accordingly, due to the low demand. Consider adjusting your work schedule to allow you to travel on a Tuesday and take the time off. Check the price of tickets on Tuesday mornings when you book because that’s when most airlines have discounts and promotions.

Reward: Even though traveling on a Tuesday may be difficult to work into the schedule, it will save you money on your airline ticket price. On average, you’ll save between 15-25 percent on overall purchase price.

2. Travel in Off Peak Seasons

With an increased number online resources to utilize, it’s no secret where the hot spots to travel in the off-season are. There’s a number of things to consider before traveling in the off season such as weather, accommodations, available activities, and cuisine. Luckily there’s excellent options available. Do your research and find what location would best suit your wants and needs for your travelling experience.

Reward: All destinations will have a solid understanding of when they are most busy and when there’s minimal traffic. When you take advantage of the off seasons, you’ll save on booking flights, accommodations, dining, and souvenirs. For example, if you plan a trip to Mexico after the Easter holiday and before mid-December, you can save up to 20-50 percent.

3. Travel Light

It’s common knowledge that airlines will nickel and dime you every chance they get. Regardless of where you plan on traveling, be sure to pack light enough so you won’t need to check your luggage. Be efficient when packing for your trip and only pack the essentials such as clothes, toiletries, cell phone, and wallet. It’s also good to know the airlines sizing requirements with carry ons so you can use every last inch!

Reward: When packing light you avoid the hassle of having to check your bag. Not only will you avoid the added step in the boarding process, you’ll also save money. The average cost of checking your first bag is $26.50, while the average cost of checking the second bag is $34.00. Definitely a controllable cost you want to avoid!

4. Use a Travel Rewards Credit Card

Pending your credit history and confirming you’re a responsible credit card user, using a travel rewards credit card can benefit you in a number of different ways. Before diving into using one,

there’s a few things to consider. Make sure you travel often, and when you do, don’t prefer a particular airline or hotel brand. You’ll also have to be willing to learn about the number of benefits associated with using the card.

Reward: There are a number of perks when using a travel rewards card. Most cards come with a sign-up bonus and collision insurance if you end up renting a car. They can also have trip cancellation insurance if you decide to purchase your airline ticket with the card. If you utilize the card properly, you can accumulate enough points to earn yourself a free flight!

5. Incognito Window Search

Have you encountered a scenario when you were looking online for flights, saw the price, then went back online to order and the price increased? Unfortunately, prices do increase if your searching for a similar route continuously. You combat this rise in cost by using an incognito search window that won’t track your searching information.

Reward: Without the airlines tracking your search history, the prices won’t fluctuate based on the routes you’ve previously searched for. There will be natural fluctuation based on demand and timing, but searching incognito will help eliminate those additional costs.

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