Hunting for wild animals is not as simple as it may sound to most of you. It is needless to say that animals are pretty restless by nature and trying to find them in one spot for long is something that is quite impossible. It is also quite difficult to spot a wild animal out in the jungle, especially if it is a deer. Thus, you need all types of latest and powerful gadgets to hunt deer.

One of the most important gadgets you will ever find in a hunter’s bag is a rangefinder. As opposed to the rangefinders used almost a decade back, the modern-day ones are quite advanced and feature rich models. If you take the laser rangefinder for instance, the technology used in such a device has witnessed massive improvement when compared to a similar model used 10 years back in time.

The new age laser hunting rangefinders come with advanced technology and boast of a more rugged design. Nonetheless, their usability factor is still the same. You will still find it pretty simple to use the modern age laser rangefinders that are available in the market.

Importance of a Rangefinder While Hunting

In today’s hunting world, laser hunting rangefinders have become a standard tool for every hunter. Every good hunter will make sure that he invests in a good quality rangefinder to help him with the hunting process. Here are some of the important reasons for you to use a rangefinder while hunting.

  • Get Rid of Guesswork: When it comes to hunting wild animals, there is no place for any guesswork. You have to be accurate in such a type of sport. Thus, the use of laser rangefinder increases. One of the primary features of a rangefinder is to provide accurate distance between you and the said target. If you use a laser rangefinder, you can easily get this information at the simple push of a button. When you do so, a laser beam is released from the device and returns after hitting the target. An internal clock in the rangefinder measures the distance during this entire process. This way, you get an accurate distance, and this leaves no scope of any guesswork.
  • Get Closer: While hunting, if you tend to get too close to the target there is a great possibility of making the animal aware of your presence. The moment a twig breaks under your weight, the deer that was within your sight suddenly disappears into the woods. Almost every hunter will know about such a scenario and it is also something that no hunter would ever like to happen. With the help of rangefinders, you can easily get closer to a deer without even making the animal aware of your presence. Bow hunting rangefinders come with a maximum range of approximately 800 yards, whereas the rifle hunting ones vary between 600 and 1300 yards.
  • Prepare for a Hunt: You may probably know about a few spots where you are sure to find some deer to hunt. However, you will require to do some prep work before the actual hunting expedition. In order to save some time, you need to scout the area in order to understand where exactly you can find some deer. You can obviously park the spot with some sort of a decoy. Scouting the area can easily be done with the help of a rangefinder. Marking the hotspots can easily help you avoid stress and frustration while hunting.
  • Improve Estimation Skills: It is not possible for a hunter to have tons of time in hand in order to range a target while hunting. A deer may appear out of the blue and also vanish before you even get the time to understand about its presence. If you practice using your rangefinder, it will help you range your hunt faster and also more effectively.
  • Avoid Shooting Randomly: When you use a rangefinder, you get to view your target for sure and also get proper information pertaining to the distance between you and the target. As a result of this, it reduces the possibility of you shooting randomly and something else. If you hunt in the dark, it will be very difficult for you to understand what an animal is and what a branch of a tree is. Thus, using a rangefinder can easily help you differentiate between an animal and anything else you can find in a jungle. It will be a good thing to check the distance of a rangefinder before you actually buy one so that you can find it easier to locate a deer out in the woods.



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