Has it been a long week (or year)? It could be time for some self-care. Perhaps you’re simply looking to refresh yourself by indulging on a spa day or vacation or want to splurge on a big purchase or long term investment. There’s no need to feel guilty about splurging and investing in yourself from time-to-time.

1. Indulge in a relaxing spa day.

Nothing quite says self-care like a day at the spa. From massage to facial treatments, spas offer the ultimate relaxation. Spa treatments should be looked at as more than just a frivolous splurge and rather as an investment in your overall wellness. Whether you are needing to treat a skin condition through hydrating scrubs and wraps or are hoping to alleviate muscle pain with a hot stone massage, the spa is the place to go.

If you are particularly concerned about skincare, a facial might be the treatment for you. Do a quick online search for “facials near me” to find the best facial spas in your area. Whether you go for a general cleansing or to address a skin issue such as rosacea, wrinkles, or acne, will determine the facial treatment you opt to receive.

You may be looking for a deep cleanse of your pores, a chemical peel, or a moisture-enriching, hydrating mask. When determining your facial treatment, taking into consideration your skin types, such as sensitive skin or oily skin. If you need help, work with an esthetician or dermatologist to develop a treatment plan that will leave you with glowing, radiant skin.

2. Boost your health with CBD supplements.

Self-care starts by investing in your health. However, sometimes being healthy can seem dauntingly expensive. Undoubtedly, wellness can come with a high price tag, which might scare you away. Vitamins and herbal supplements can be great additions to your diet and have the ability to boost your health. Depending on what type of supplement you are seeking, they are worth the splurge as they can improve your overall well-being.

Are you looking to reduce your anxiety, improve muscle strength in order to reach your fitness goals, or boost your energy? CBD products might be the supplement you are looking for. The cannabis plant has numerous cannabinoids, CBD is one of them.

CBD’s therapeutic qualities are rooted in its ability to work with the body’s cannabinoid receptors, including improving mood and memory, providing pain relief, and reducing symptoms of depression. Planet Earth CBD offers supplements that made from THC-free blends of phytocannabinoids, so you don’t get the psychoactive side effects with THC products.

Whether you prefer to add a CBD protein powder to your smoothies in the morning, take a fast-working CBD gummy, or even use a CBD tincture, CBD products are a splurge worth adding to your daily health routine that will offer concrete physical and mental health benefits.

3. Treat yourself to a culinary adventure.

Are you a dedicated foodie or wine lover? If you’re in need of some self-care after a challenging week at work, why not treat yourself by indulging in a tasty meal or wine tasting? Food absolutely is medicine.

If there is a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try out but have always thought it was too fancy, make an ordinary night into a special occasion. Or, if you’re more of a wine connoisseur, why not head to a winery for a tasting, or attend a virtual tasting from the comfort of your own home? Enjoy a variety of wines while learning how some of your favorite varietals are made.

4. Splurge on a long-term investment.

Is there a class or gadget you’ve always been eyeing but haven’t purchased because of the price tag? If the purchase is a long-term investment in yourself, your career, or your skills, the splurge might be worth it.

Maybe you’ve wanted a new laptop for your freelance business or have thought about buying a camera to explore photography. Perhaps you’ve dreamt of learning a new language or have wanted to take a pottery class. Whatever that splurge may be, consider it an investment in your skills and in your future and go for it!

5. Escape for a weekend getaway

Getting out of town and taking an adventure to somewhere new is one of the best ways you can splurge on yourself. Take a weekend camping trip to the coast or mountains, or plan a more extended vacation to an exotic overseas destination. Plan the trip around some of your favorite activities or simply relax.

Creating a health-, yoga-, or wellness-focused vacation will surely set you on the path to self-care. Wherever you end up, changing your environment can be rejuvenating. And by splurging on experiences, you’ll be creating lasting memories.


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