Getting a gift for your cigar lover friend can be quite tricky because people who are not necessarily accustomed to the items used can get really confused. But a beautiful and useful gift can bring a lot of joy in the heart of a cigar lover. You can simply go to Crown Humidors for getting a quality gift for sure or there are many options out there and we listed some of the best ideas in order to make sure that you grab the best gift out there.

1. Humidors

Even though these items are on the more pricey side, a good humidor can be a great choice for any cigar lover. These are used in order to preserve the cigars and also for the aging process. This is definitely a must-have item for any cigar lover and gifting this is a great idea.


2. Cigar cases

Cigar cases are used for displaying and sometimes storing the cigars. They can come in countless shapes, sizes and colors and the price tag can vary a lot. In order to buy the best case, make sure that you know what type of cigar the person smokes. The extra long cigars like Cohiba Esplendidos will require a certain size in order to fit.

3. Ashtrays

Even though it may seem obvious that a cigar lover already owns such an object, a special ashtray can be a great gift. There are countless options out there and in order to choose the best one, try to go for a special design or a beautiful color and material in order to make sure that you buy a unique gift.

4. Leather cigar holders

This is a great gift idea for a cigar lover because the person will be able to stylishly carry the cigars without worrying about incidents. Leather cigar holders come in various designs, shapes, and sizes and the best option is to go for a 2-cigar holder in order to make sure that it will be useful and comfortable.

5. Cigar Lighters

Unlike regular lighters, the ones used for cigars have to have a powerful flame in order to make sure that the cigar is evenly lighted up, especially if we are talking about thicker cigars like Montecristo No.2. The best choice is a portable one that can be easily fit in a pocket, has a powerful flame and can be filled after the gas is consumed.

6. Personalized cigar cutters

Cigar cutters are used just before lighting up the cigar. There are countless options out there but buying a personalized one is a great gift idea. It will be very useful for the smoker but it will also feel like a gift from the heart thanks to the engraved name or quote.


7. Cigar travel case

This is a great choice for a cigar lover that travels a lot. These cigar travel cases usually have a small storage case, a cigar cutter and all the other necessities for a smoke. They are usually very elegant and compact in order to be easy to carry around and stylish at the same time.

8. Travel humidors

Travel humidors are very useful for smokers who travel a lot and care about the quality of their cigars. They can be quite pricey, just like the regular humidors but they are an amazing gift idea for any cigar lover.

9. Sample boxes

These boxes usually feature a selection of the best cigars on the market. This can be a great gift for any cigar lover, especially for the beginners. Given the fact that they will have a wide selection, they will get the chance to experience some of the best cigars on the market and to see which suits them the best.

10. Whiskey set

It is well-known that whiskey goes very well with most of the cigars. An elegant whiskey set made of a bottle and a set of glasses can be a great gift for any cigar lover. It is a very elegant idea that will be definitely enjoyed by your friend. The set can be easily displayed and it will definitely make a very good impression because it can be used for a multitude of occasions, making it a very useful and exquisite gift.

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