History Of Gurkha Cigars
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A Look Into The History Of Gurkha Cigars

If you have been smoking cigars for a week or two, you are likely to have heard of Gurkha cigars. If you have not, you are in the wrong company of smokers. Gurkha is specialized in making high-end premium cigars. These cigars are for people who love luxury cigars. However, they also bring a line of cigars for everyday smokers. So, if you think that luxury cigars are too pricey
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Benefits & Drawbacks of CBD Dabs: What You Need to Know

Those unfamiliar with dabbing are likely to associate it with stereotypical stoner culture or a millennial dance move. But in this context, dabbing is a method to consume CBD that’s quickly gaining popularity in the mainstream cannabis industry. Read on to learn more about this practice that’s taking the CBD industry by storm, and find out if it’s the right delivery method for you. How to Dab CBDDabbing is the
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Enjoy the various flavors of Red River Tobacco!

Pipe has its origin from Dallas in Texas. The flavor of the tobacco is traditional and people love to smoke this tobacco. There are many options, which let the smokers enjoy smoking. There are many varieties of flavors available for this tobacco pipe and people can buy it at an affordable price. The main flavors in which this pipe is available is smooth, cool mint, and regular. The pipe is
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Two Interesting Facts About Humidors

Humidor is a container or room used to store cigars in an appropriate air humidity (about 70%), which prevents the tobacco from drying out. Humidors are usually lined with Spanish cedar, because this wood helps to extract the full aroma from the stored cigars. To measure humidity in humidors, hygrometers are used, and to maintain appropriate humidity - special humidifiers. The passion for cigars is widespread. Therefore, it is recommended
Arturo Fuente Cigars
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The Top 5 Best Cigars Without Breaking The Bank

Admit it, you have an expensive habit. Whether it be stamp collecting, baseball card collecting, or more, it is something that will cost you an arm and a leg. Well, cigar smoking can quickly become an extremely expensive habit and obsession. It is very easy to pay top dollar (ten dollars plus) for big name sticks, only to be disappointed in the end. It is much worse to get a
Montecristo Cuban Cigars
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Montecristo Leads The Top Ten Cuban Cigars for 2017

It’s been quite a start for 2017 for the Cuban cigar industry, thanks to landmark action by the Executive Branch that’s finally removed the limit on importation of Cuban Cigars for personal use. But there’s another reason – Cuban cigars continue to be by far the best in the world, with Habanos SA continuing to roll out great stick after great stick. Some were better than others (Montecristo), however, and