Diamond. The word is enough to get a pleasant smile on a person’s face. Undoubtedly, it is the most beautiful stones available on the earth. This is not it, diamonds are not easy to find and involve a great amount of work to give them a sparkling finish. Eventually, it raises the value of the stone and costing goes up.

Importance of 4 C’s For Diamond’s Quality

Whether you are purchasing a diamond engagement ring or a loose diamonds, you are spending a large sum of money. Hence, it becomes evident to be cautious about right purchases. The quality of a diamond largely depends on four factors- color, clarity, cut and carat. Each C has its own significance in determining the price and the value of the diamond. All the four factors influence the diamond appearance to a great extent. However, people generally don’t have any idea about these technical details. Among many unexplored characteristics of the diamond, the diamond shape is one of the major things that holds a paramount significance.

Shapes of Diamond

The diamond shape is determined by the way it has been cut. It affects the polish, sparkle, and symmetry. The angle that is given to the stone captures the light and reflects back with the glitz. Accordingly, different shapes are given to the diamond such as round, princess, oval, Asscher, cushion, emerald, radiant and many more.

Out of all these shapes, a round shape is considered to be of top-notch quality and it is valuable due to other reasons. We will discuss these reasons in this post.

Why are Round Diamonds More Expensive Than Other Shapes

A round cut diamond is considered classic due to various reasons. The main reason is that it offers flawless beauty to the stone. By simply creating a round cut, it enables a manufacturer to hide all the imperfections. It does not just enhance its beauty, but also gives it a smooth and shiny surface.

When it comes to color and clarity, a round shaped diamond has brilliant leeway. The way it reflects the light from the cuts of different angles is superlatively beautiful. All these factors evidently prove why a round shaped diamond is valuable. Round shaped diamonds cost a lot more than other diamonds with different shapes.

A round shaped diamond is popular among people because its high demand leads to higher rates. In addition to that, a manufacturer has to allocate more resources to cut a diamond into a round shape as it requires an expert’s supervision. Ultimately, it leads to higher costs. A round shaped diamond is famous for its shine, elegance and beauty and people just love them.


Whether you want to gift a diamond ring to your loved one or you are buying for some other purposes, always go for a round shaped diamond as it is a priceless possession to have. Moreover, you are getting value for every single penny you are spending. Though it costs more than others, its shine, opulence and sparkling finish make it unique and unparalleled compared to other diamond shapes.

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