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When others were busy stocking up the pantry and panic buying toilet rolls, another group was busy looking for the best sex dolls deals? Same world, different problems! So, what would make someone think about a sex doll during a pandemic? Of all the things? A sex doll? Well, the question should be, why not? Sex doll companies have been receiving praise not only from singles and couples separated by the lockdown restrictions but also from mental health experts. You see, as the world came to a halt and many businesses were closed down, the industry became even busier. People were facing the prospect of a very lonely situation, and sex dolls provided an avenue to avoid it, SexyRealSexDolls describes the pandemic as the first of its own. Of course, there was the 1918 influenza hiatus, but not many people that witnessed it are around. The American sex doll vendor details how the company has been at the frontline of keeping the world population sane. “The pandemic caught us off guard, but it was always clear that times like this required new strategies to survive. We started receiving emails in triple numbers very early. All of a sudden, people wanted to know more about the topic before committing to buying a sex doll. Everything happened so fast, and we had to adapt to the new normal while ensuring that our customers receive first-class treatment.

The Changes

As soon as the US confirmed its first positive coronavirus case, people started bombarding sex doll vendors with emails and phone calls. And while very few predicted it, vendors had to streamline service delivery to meet the demand. More people were brought on board, especially in the customer support department. “The customer support and clearing teams were the most affected. We needed to get things done on time, and it was becoming harder by the day. More orders were coming in, and there was a prospective customer on the phone every minute of the day.” Everything from introducing new policies on service delivery and checklists to maintain consistency was introduced. According to SexyRealSexDolls, the team operated on a tight schedule and we had to introduce new shifts. “All this was happening at a time when we had to follow government guidelines. And while it sounds easy, social distancing and other directives made it even harder to meet the daily objectives. However, as time passed, we grew into the new normal, and operations were much smoother.”

Reasons Why People Went for Sex Dolls

So, why did people turn to sex dolls, catching vendors and manufacturers off guard? Well, here are a few reasons:
  • Sex dolls are virus-free: because of the virus’s ease of transmission, people were not willing to risk contracting it. Those who were separated by the restrictions, as well as friends who could no longer hang out together, opted to go for a sex doll instead.
  • They’re customizable: manufacturers make it easy for customers to personalize their purchases. Whether you want a tall, skinny doll or an ebony BBW, you’re just a few clicks away.
  • Readily available: Other than the pandemic’s shipping delays, sex dolls have always been readily available. Everything from customizing, ordering, and production commencing takes as little as 24 hours.
If you’d like to learn more about owning and taking care of a sex doll, contact SexyRealSexDolls. The support team is always ready to answer your questions and guide you appropriately.    

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