By Umer Farooq

Words are the most precious gift God has given to mankind. There is nothing that is better than real soul-stirring words stringed together.

· Follow your dreams and ambitions

When it comes to your dreams, every risk is worth it! One should always do what one is interested in, but just the interest alone won’t help, one should make sure that they are fully eligible for the goals they set.

One cannot set goals in life that are very hard to imagine. It is always better to start with small steps, and then when one looks back, it will seem that those small steps have built a huge fort. No matter how small the fruit is at the beginning, one should never give up on it that very easily as the universe itself will help you in tracing the path to fulfill your dreams.

· Self-realization is the key

One should always clearly analyze oneself. The knowledge of one’s self is the basement of wisdom. One can go far ahead in life only when they are clear of what they want in life. A very unclear mind will never help with framing strategies that are important for success in life. One should know their strengths and weaknesses in life. The knowledge of the assessment will help them choose the right career.

One should never attempt in doing things that do not match his/her skill set.

That is nothing less than that of self-destruction. A monkey is trying to imbibe the traits of a fish and a fish trying to imbibe the traits of a monkey will only lead to the end of the life of those creatures. This should always be kept in mind when choosing a profession that one intends to do for the rest of his/her life.

· Karma and its role in life

We live in a world that has its own conspiracies about religion. Religion though everything conveys the same meaning but has resulted in trouble only most of the times. One who does not wish to believe in religion, can believe in Karma?

Karma is nothing but actions. What you sow, shall you reap. What goes around comes in back. Karma is a boomerang.

All these are few sayings that talk about karma and its role. One should always be very mindful of his/her actions as the actions only decide what they are going to decide what the universe is going to provide them in return. Do good, and good will come to you? Be bad and get treated very badly in return from others.

If everyone in the world is well aware of their actions, the world will only turn out to be an amazing place to live in.

· Stay Happy and positive all the time

Happiness can never be induced from outside; it has to come from within. Happiness is more than just a choice; it is a way of living. The negative feelings will only lessen down the feeling of happiness in life.

One should always stay highly positive to be highly motivated only because a happy heart can produce a clear mind.

These are the four golden rules of life. The motivation ping will definitely help in improvising one’s life.

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