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Change to Your Office Environment
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Little Things That Bring A Big Change to Your Office Environment

The office is the prime place of business. Setting the right one at the office could bring about positive changes within the internal configuration ultimately leading to more clients, and furthermore profit. What people tend to side-line is the physical structure itself of the work space, not realizing the value of the face image the space could bring in. Discipline is a key element but that does not mean boring, plain black and white. Here are a couple of pointers that can add to the positive look of the office, without coming off as tacky and inappropriate.

Decor can do wonders!

So, you take a good look at the office, it is almost definite you will be staring at dull white walls. Painting the whole office could be extremely time consuming, not to mention disrupt the motion of business as usual. You want to bring clients in, not push them away with the delays brought on by an untimely paint job. Instead, inculcate splashes of color here and there. For instance, curtains or blinds in warm tones can set the right kind of ambience for a business meeting. Green is good, arrange for potted plants to brighten up the nonchalant feel of a long day.


Tiles that creak or carpets that or carpets that catch onto shoe heels is not something you want to have at the office. It is extremely off putting for the client and sends a very wrong image across. No sense of maintenance at the office reflects in the same manner on your work, in terms of the clients’ perspective. The options are not limited in this category, bamboo and marble are good options according to the Ambient bamboo flooring experts. But if it a hassle to re-erect the whole flooring structure for a new set then the best thing to do is throw over a lovely carpet over the floor. Carpets will hide dirt and also avoid the infamous sound of shoes hitting tiles.

Invest on Furniture 

You spend heaps of your time at work, the last thing you need is an uncomfortable chair that gives you a terrible backache and neck cramp. Not only does bad furniture, or the lack of furniture altogether leave you feeling uneasy and discomfort but it also will put you and the client in a foul mood for meetings if you find yourself sitting on an unpleasant seat. Look into upholstered furniture that is easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness, but at the same time proves to be durable and blends in with the surrounding ambience of the room.

Try to have yearly touch ups in terms of refurbishing and office face lifts. You might have had that desk passed down for ages, but at some point, it needs to go and make space for something more modern. Remember always to maintain the serenity and professionalism of the office, but do not go overboard and make it the epitome of a clichéd boring workplace. Happy office spaces make happy employees, who in turn keep customers happy! It’s a wonderful cycle that all begins with that touch of flooring finishes, décor and a comfy chair.

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