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Living: Finding The Best Wedding Venues In New York City

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When planning a wedding event, the first thing you need to do is create a list of everything you need for the special day.

The most important aspects include the venue of the event, cost of hiring a photographer, wedding cake, music and entertainment, flowers and décor and the wedding gown.

The first and most crucial is choosing the right venue for the event. A wedding planner can help you make the right choices with regard to venue layout, suitability, and decorations. Taking the time to consider the best event venues NYC has to offer will ensure that you are making the right decision for your wedding.

Most couples prefer to host their indoor wedding reception in NYC at church environs, public libraries, parks, hotels, and resorts. According to The Knot, the majority of people who wed in Manhattan and Long Island prefer to the semi-formal or formal wedding event.

The site also indicates that a growing number of people are opting for venues located in the outer boroughs. This is largely because the cost of a wedding in places such as Manhattan, Long Island, and Westchester/Hudson Valley is generally higher compared to those of having the event in the outer boroughs and upstate New York.

Since choosing it is a meticulous process that can determine the overall success of the wedding, it is important to make the choices after serious deliberations.

According to Practical Wedding, the decision should be guided by venue affordability, individual preferences, and venue availability and its convenience to the guest. The most important consideration here is to hire a venue that you can afford. It would be heartbreaking if you were to list a venue that cost much more than what you can afford; for example, listing a venue that costs $10,000 when you can only afford $5,000.

With regards to venue availability, there are several public venues in NYC, which provide online calendars indicating the days when bookings can be done. You can call, email or visits the venue offices to establish this information to avoid missing out on your preferred venue. In the same breath, you also need to consider the capacity of the venue.

The right capacity will be determined by the number of guests you have invited or those who have confirmed participation. In addition, you can also ask the venue officials to give the numbers of guests each of the requested venues can accommodate before making the final submission.

The other important considerations include venue restrictions, location, access to catering services, parking and transportation and type of venue, which in this case can be a hotel, restaurant, conference room or an outdoor venue. The location of the event should be guided by aspects like transportation and convenience.

For instance, if the entire list of the invited guest is driving, and the venue has ample parking, planning an event out of town wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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