We love sports, but we tend to think that getting fit is horribly painful or mind-numbingly dull. Newsflash: it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, getting fit can be something that makes life a lot more fun. Here are some ways to exercise you never would have thought of yourself but that can turn something that once was a chore into something you actually want to do.

Tap Dancing: If you’ve seen Hail Caesar, you’ll know all about the wonders of tap dancing. Like all dance, it’s a heck of a lot of fun, helps you to move your body in a more lively way, and gets you fit at the same time. Some tap classes focus on beginners: you don’t usually need proper tap shoes for these, as they’re about developing the basics. What’s more, you can take part in tap, no matter what size you are or how unfit you may be.

Clubbercise: Sometimes walking into a club can feel a little bit like walking into the gym, with the exception that everybody in the club is drunk. A wave of sweaty body smells hits you right in the face, and it can take some time to get used to.

Now some smart exercise entrepreneurs have noticed that excising, like you’re in a club, might be a good way to help people get fit. The new craze, called clubbercise, is taking the nation by storm.

Gyms are now kitting out special rooms with neon lights, disco balls, and DJ decks to recreate a club atmosphere and people are increasingly finding that exercising in the dark is actually an excellent way to keep fit.

Skooting: If you’re the type of person who loved their skateboard when they were younger, skooting might be just the sport you’re looking for.

Skooting isn’t just about getting from A to B anymore: it is now a fully fledged sport in its own right, which shouldn’t come as any surprise, given the number of trick scooters for sale. The idea behind scooting is to master certain tricks, just as you might on a BMX and skateboard.

If you get really good at it, there are now international federations that hold competitions where riders pit their skills against one another and get judged by an expert panel.

Trampolining: Trampolining is perhaps one of the most fun and most underappreciated sports in the world.

It’s a sport that is surprisingly easy to get into, given the fact that there are trampoline parks all over the country. These parks are open all ours and are an excellent way to get your blood pumping.

There are all sorts of different ways to use a trampoline to get fit. Most fitness centers run some kind of fitness class, where participants can play dodgeball or traverse an assault course.

Street Exercise: Parkour has taken the world by storm, perhaps because of the cult classic computer game, Mirror’s Edge. The great thing about parkour is that is it free (mostly) and has a thriving community, so long as you know the right people.

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