Are you looking this up for some motivation on house chores or just to balance out your intake? Whichever it is, we’ve got you covered.

Housecleaning has more benefits that just a clean home; it’s great for keeping a good figure too. From simply sweeping and mopping the floor to scrubbing the tiles and re-arranging furniture, you can break a good sweat.

So when you’ve had a heavy lunch or brunch, you might want to think about which chore to do after. You also don’t have to feel too guilty about that slice of cake when you’re up for general cleaning.

How Much You Burn Depends on Where You Are Now

Housecleaning definitely helps you burn calories. And you probably feel it to when you’re at it.

However, the answer as to how much isn’t so straightforward. See, how well you burn calories will also depend on a few other factors. So before we look at the count, let’s look at what these factors are:

· Your current metabolism level.

How much exercise you’re already doing and what you have on your diet affects this. For example, metabolism may be faster for those who do a lot of exercise. On the other hand, those who aren’t as active may be slower in burning calories.

Additionally, low calorie eaters also tend to have lower metabolism. Because their body adjusts to this intake.

· Your Weight.

Studies show that people who weigh more burn off calories easily. However, note that this isn’t just all about weight from fat because muscle weight actually burns more.

· The vigor in your chosen chore.

Mopping the floor with some intensity and speed can burn more than slowly moving it across the floor.

Meanwhile, tougher chores like scrubbing off grime or unloading heavy furniture could also do more than mopping.

· Your body’s adaptation to your current activity.

Our body tends to adapt to the intensity levels of our exercise. This is why weights and exercises have different levels and intensities. Depending on the intensity, that you’re body has adapted t

Some chores may or may not burn as much calories.

This is why interval training is becoming popular these days.

So, How Much Calories do You Burn from Each Chore?

Keep the above factors in mind, but we’ve got the figures below considering the average Joe or Jane at about 150lbs.

· Simple Chores

Chore 30 Mins. 1hour
Setting/Clearing the table 75 155
Shopping for Groceries 55 130
Unpacking and Organizing Groceries/Shopped Items 65 130
Food Preparation and Cooking (without electronic tools) 32 65
Changing Curtains (per simple set) 50 100
Tasks while sitting (sewing, knitting, etc…) 15 30
Ironing Clothes 42 85
Giving your pet a bath 82 165

· Cardio-type chores:

Chore 30 Mins. 1hour
Sweeping or Mopping the Floor 75 155
Vacuum-cleaning the Rugs and Mattresses 86 172
Vacuum-Cleaning the stairs 100 200
Scrubbing the bathroom floor and tiles 98 195
Going up and down the stairs between chores 225 450

· Sculpting-type chores:

Chore 30 Mins. 1hour
Lifting Groceries from car to home (double if you need to carry it up the stairs) 100 200
Carrying Groceries in a basket in the market 85 170
Making the Bed (regular bedding) 33 65
Making the Bed (heavy bedding) 50 100
Rearranging furniture 175 350

These are the common ones but they can at least give you some idea of how much you burn with chores. So that maybe when you’re carrying your kid along with groceries or multi-tasking you know you’re burning more.

Push the Tempo

So you’re doing your body good while keeping a clean house.

But wait, there’s more.

Do you want to get more out of your housecleaning/workout? You can burn more with simple tasks like doing the dishes and ironing clothes. It doesn’t take too much effort too. Here are some tips to help you achieve that:

· Get your groove on.

Sing and dance as you do your chores. Singing alone already burns about 135 calories or so. What’s more is that it releases hormones associated with pleasure and security namely, Oxytocin and Endorphins.

Dancing alone with simple steps zaps about 100 calories and even more depending on how crazy you get.

Both activities raise the heart rate and releases happy hormones. So put on your favorite tunes and sing and dance to them as you mop, sweep or cook. You’ll have a cleaner home, plus a healthier and happier you.

· Pick up the Pace.

You can walk while shopping for groceries or you can play a little game while you’re at it. Just set a time limit, race through stalls.

You can do the same when you’re sweeping or mopping the floor too. Just take extra caution -with other tasks like cooking and caring for your pet or child of course.

There you have it, a new perspective into housecleaning for good health. Have more ideas to make more out of your workout? Share them with us below.

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