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Living: Safety Rules that All Motorcyclists Need to Know

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Regardless of the vehicle in which you ride, safety is always the most important factor. Just as you would not drive your car without working air bags or seatbelts, it is vital to take similar precautions when driving a motorcycle.

For the sake of your own protection, as well as for the protection of those around you, make sure you adhere to the following security measures when riding a motorcycle:

Wear the Proper Gear and Attire

There is possibly nothing more important in riding a motorcycle than wearing your helmet. Helmets—specifically the kind that wrap around your entire head as shown in the picture above as opposed to the common variety that simply protect the top—are imperative to your safety. Should you get in any sort of accident and fall off your bike, your helmet will prevent your skull from shattering as well as maintain your head on top of your shoulders. Naturally, elbow pads and knee pads are also highly encouraged.

As far as general attire goes, do your best to wear light or bright colors, especially at nighttime. The largest obstacle in motorcycling on the road is that said vehicles are small and fast, making you less obvious to the adjacent traffic on the road and thus putting you at risk of getting hit.

Follow the Rules of the Road

It may seem like common sense, but as motorcycles are much smaller and thus more flexible in movement compared to cars, it can be tempting to drive a motorcycle without considering the significance of following the road rules. While motorcycles have their place on the road, they are more often than not significantly outnumbered by cars, and therefore it is vital to be adhering to the same rules that they do.

Make sure that you are always going the speed limit, regardless of how many other vehicles are on the road with you. The faster the motorcycle, the worse the damage upon impact, so be sure to always be aware of how fast you are going.

Know the hand signals for expressing to nearby cars whether you are turning right or left. These are helpful for bicycles as well, or anyone who is experiencing non-compliant taillights.

Most importantly, never drive tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are no excuses nor particular circumstances to exempt you from that rule, as it is nearly always a definite sign that you will get into an accident.

Awareness is Everything

Just like driving a car, no written law can do your job of being aware of your surroundings and making the best judgment of what is best. For instance, if you are behind a pick-up truck with a lot of lawn mowing equipment strapped to the back by only some rope, keep your distance; or, if the speed limit is 45 MPH and there is a sharp turn coming up, whether there is a sign or not, be sure to reduce your speed to around 25 or 30 MPH to ensure that you will not wipe out on said turn.

Additionally, because motorcyclists are at far more risk of an accident or injury than cars even if you do follow all of the above, there are plenty of legal teams that know to help citizens in Tampa and Sarasota and are worth looking into when it comes to representation after a crash. It is important to get suitable legal help if the circumstances come to it, especially in vehicular situations.

Safety is never something to consider lightly, especially when it comes to motorcycles which are not only far more susceptible to accidents than cars but more often than not yield more life-threatening results. Be sure to take motorcycling as seriously as you would take the driving of any automated vehicle. Conversely, when driving a car, remember to always double check for motorcyclists. On the road, the safety of ourselves and of one another is always the most important.

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