Even though water covers most of our planet, the fact is that we have taken a long time to realize just how important its maintenance and care is. Technology has moved forward, but how we use our water hasn’t. Until relatively recently that is. As we become more aware of the need to live greener lives, so too have we re-evaluated the ways that we use and look after the water around us, and people are starting to look at how we make use of water in the home, in the office, and even in our leisure time. A closer look at those trends showcases exactly how businesses and consumers are changing the way that water is used, and suggests as to how technology is changing our relationship with water.

Water use in the home

As utility bills continue to rise, consumers are much more careful about how they use their electricity, gas, and water supplies. Regarding water, this is most commonly seen in the adoption of taking a shower rather than a bath, but this minor change has been ongoing for many years. However, smart homes and connective home technologies are transforming the home market and seeing consumers begin to use much less. Smart gadgets are becoming much more prolific, and when it’s possible to connect your shower devices and your water heating control point to a central, personalized hub like Alexa or Google Home, the possibilities for reducing water waste are beginning to become increasingly accessible.

In the local pool

Community swimming pools have always placed a high priority on water waste. When the quality of water is part of an ongoing business model, it makes sense that those leading the way in terms of better use of water are going to be those involved in the commercial sector. There are a number of ways that commercial swimming pools are making better use of the water that they use, but the most consistently advantageous has been the technological advances made in high-quality commercial water treatment equipment. As well as making communal swimming much more palatable, water treatment technology is also reducing costs and making it easier than ever for your local swimming pool to benefit from a reduction in waste.

While at work

Office environments can go through a remarkable volume of water. It’s a lot more than the water cooler and the coffee machine. From dishwashers to toilets to water features in the lobby, many companies are looking closely at the many ways that technology can reduce the costs of that water use. One of the best ways to reduce office water use is to install water-efficient taps that allow for much greater control of how much water is being used, and actually limits the amount of water than runs through them. There are many ways to reduce your use of water in the office, and if sustainability is a goal for your business, then that water management may end up being essential.

Water can be a very expensive commodity, and it’s something that nobody wants to waste. Ensure that, wherever you are, your water management has been fully optimized and your costs and enjoyment will be transformed.

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