Is dating Ukrainian girls popular nowadays?


More and more men from western countries tend to travel to Ukraine often. All of them are looking for the perfect charming lady from Ukraine. There are true gourmets among them who like a definite type of women. If even gourmets of women’s beauty visit Ukraine, it means that these girls are truly exclusive. You should not search a lot to find a beautiful woman in this country because they are already walking on the streets. To impress a Ukrainian girl, you should follow a few rules when dating her.

The rules when dating a girl from Ukraine:

 Rule 1. Do not try to manipulate her.


Ukrainian women are so aware of the fact that there are pickup artists among men that like them. They know that the only thing such guys are looking for is not their heart or soul, but their bodies. Most of the girls in Ukraine enjoy visiting various seminars and courses. For instance, some of them visit the courses about the way to resist the manipulator. You have no chance to seduce her if she has visited a seminar like this. Moreover, if a Sofia date cannot afford to pay for such a course, she would rather watch similar videos online. Thus, the girls in Ukraine are well-equipped against not serious men. If you are a serious one, you may ignore this fact.

Rule 2. Go in for sports or gym.

Ukrainian girls would rather date someone who has muscles instead of thinking that it is not necessary to be physically strong. It is normal for a man in Ukraine to visit a gym several times per week. If a man says that he can regulate any conflict with words, he is either gay or lazy. Ukrainian women appreciate it when a  man takes care of his body. If he is strong outside, he is 99% supposed to be strong as a personality. No way a normal girl in Ukraine would date a weak man or guy. The girls in Ukraine are very selective. You should do your best to impress a lady like this.

 Rule 3. You should be proactive during a date.

Do not just sit and stare. You should show that you are interested in her. You would better prepare a list of questions to ask her during a date. Be creative and organize a date on the roof of a building. Prove to her that you like her and want to create a positive impression. If you act like an average guy, you will not date for the second time. You must show that you are different and treat her another way. However, you should not overdo it because she might think you are too experienced in dating. Keep the balance when trying to be a bit more creative than you are.

Rule 4. Do not play games.

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Some men like to date two or even more women at the same time. Ukrainian women hate such a way of behavior. If you say to her that she is the only one, you should mean it. Do not trick her and tell lies. Sooner or later, she will get to know that you have someone else and you may lose her for good. Moreover, you should not play such games because you might break someone’s heart. Suppose if it were you at her place, how would you like her to act?  Would you behave the same if you were in her shoes? Of course, you would prefer dating a girl who wants to be with you only, not with the playgirl.

Rule 5.  Come to date in a good mood.

No matter what might be going on in your business, you should bring a smile in your pocket. You should be able to separate your personal life from the activities at work. In other words, your work must not affect your private life and relationships with your woman. Mark the boundaries for yourself and never cross this line when dating a girl from Ukraine.

Ukrainian girls hate when a man cannot solve the problems connected to his work. On the contrary, she must feel that the only person he is thinking of at the very moment is her. Asking for too many pieces of advice is inappropriate as well because she is not a counselor. Try to fix your problems by yourself. When you marry her, only then you might ask her for some recommendation, but not earlier.

Rule 6. Entertain her.

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It is you who should entertain her on the first date. Make her smile and improve her mood if she is in low spirits. However, mind the balance because she might think that you are a clown and will not agree to date you one more time. Just prepare a few funny stories or jokes and tell them to her. If she remains silent and does not laugh at the things you would probably laugh at, she might be not for you because her sense of humor is different. Your senses of humor must correspond to each other. In other words, you should laugh at the same things if you want to live a happy life in marriage with each other.

Rule 7. Accept her opinion.

Ukrainian girls are very independent. They have their own opinion about everything. You should not interrupt her when she is speaking but listen carefully. Let her express herself. If you want to ask her somewhere else, you would rather ask her to share her opinion about it. You must accept her way of thinking about certain issues. She must feel that you respect her. If you think that she is a woman and ignore her opinion, you will never meet one more time because a woman in Ukraine respects herself and wants others to respect her.

Rule 8. Bring a small gift to her.


Ukrainian ladies like presents. For some of them, it is a sign that you like her. If you want to be with her, you should bring at least a flower. Do not bring an even number of flowers because there is a tradition in Ukraine that people bring an even number to a tragic occasion only. However, if you present her with a chocolate bar, it will be a nice sign. It should not be a costly gift but the one reflecting your attitude and highlighting that you listen to her when she speaks.

The bottom line

Summing up, you might sometimes work hard to get prepared for a date with a girl from Ukraine. A typical girl in Ukraine will not let you closer if you neglect the rules mentioned above. If you want to win the heart of your enchanting Ukrainian girl, you should mind these rules.

Make the best impression on your charming lady from Ukraine. The more you prepare for dates with her, the stronger your relationships will be. All in all, you must be happy in the aftermath. 

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