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Male Model Makeover – Hottest Trend for Millennial Men

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We all knew that Male Plastic Surgery had experienced tremendous growth over the last five years as plastic surgery is no longer primarily for women. Men have been getting abs, facelifts and even gluteal implants as the most popular procedures. But the latest trend includes Millennial Males undergoing a non-invasive Male Model Makeover. Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech, who coined the name of the treatment is a bi-coastal Plastic Surgeon who specializes in aesthetics for men.

In this video, Carson is a twenty-five Millennial Male who visited Dr. Steinbrech for a more chiseled appearance. Already handsome, he wanted to get a competitive edge in an extremely tough acting market in LA. It can be done during your lunch hour as the procedure can take as a little as ten minutes with minimal discomfort. Dr. Steinbrech has reported a 100% increase in consults for Millennial Men over the last 18 months. “Male Plastic Surgery continues to be on the rise as a whole, but Millennial Males appear to be leading the charge,” asserts Dr. Steinbrech who has offices in Beverly Hills and Park Avenue, NYC. The question is would you get a Male Model Makeover? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Check out Dr. Steinbrechs NYC wenbsite: http://MalePlasticSurgeryNewYork.com or his LA office at http://MalePlasticSurgeryLA.com

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