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Mancessories: 5 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowd

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To stand out in the crowd nowadays seems more difficult than ever since everybody happens to look the same. Due to the internet fashion trends that everyone follows as well as the clothes mass production, everyone looks as if are wearing the same clothes, listening to the same music and share the same lifestyle. Since that is the case, it is time to look for certain details that will make your appearance different and with more character, by finding a perfect accessory that will make you stick out from a uniformed crowd.

Slip-on shoes, yes. But classy.

Slip-on shoes are men’s perfect piece of footwear since they get along with any outfit. Whether formal or casual, slip-on shoes will be a perfect choice. Not only they are comfortable and easy to wear on warm days, but they come in a great number of materials and design so can easily be turned into spring-to-autumn shoes. With so many possibilities in design, prominent fashion companies like Burberry and Moschino have included slip-on shoes in their latest collections as they represent an inevitable and stylish option of men’s elegant accessory.

Customized cufflinks

Although cufflinks represent traditional accessory associated with rather a formal outfit, the thing is that they have become a part of a more casual appearance lately. As a form of men’s jewelry that is decorative and functional at the same time, cufflinks can be a distinctive detail on your shirts that will not miss the eye of stylish people. Nowadays they come in a variety of designs, so you can even have some customized cufflinks with specific ornaments or initials. Ditch the boring buttons from your sleeves and put on some amazing cufflinks. Stand out in the most tasteful and refined way.

Baseball caps

Those caps shifted their purpose some time ago when they’ve moved away from sports and tapped their way into fashion. Functional yet trendy, baseball caps are the perfect solution for the summer or a bad hair day, so it is no wonder that they’ve become a number one accessory in the fashion industry. With the flavor of the street style, dad caps are everywhere, but choosing the right one is crucial when standing out. Since they come in various colors, it is easy to combine them with your casual outfit and to manage to stand out. A step further can be a customized baseball cap with some short yet meaningful writing on it.

Stylish eyewear

Nothing can change the way you look like a pair of well-chosen sunglasses. The right pair of sunglasses can dramatically improve the looks by matching the frame with the shape of the face, so they are an absolute must when it comes to accessories. Another functional add on that can improve both eye sight as well as the appearance. You’ll see for yourself when scheduling an appointment with Spec Specialist, eyewear and subscription eyeglasses come in fabulous and trendy designs, so it’s easier than ever to wear glasses and still stand out in a best possible way.

Amazing watch

A good watch on the wrist of your hand can only improve the overall impression, so it is no wonder that watches have always been a number one accessory. Again, a brilliant interaction of functionality and fashion, a watch can be a loud statement of style, sophistication, and even wealth. Perhaps the best option is to have more than one watch since they come in various designs. Simple watches can look great combined with any clothes but colorful, or neon watches will need an appropriately bold and cheerful outfit.


The tricky thing about accessory is that it can make or break the complete impression. The right choice of add on pieces can make all the difference, but the single wrong detail can tell a tale of lack of taste. When accessorizing with the aim of standing out, be brave but careful at the same time. Dare to show off and to show some character but do not go overboard since it may turn into pointless gaudiness. Standing out in the crowd means looking different and remember to follow your own thing in this world of look-a-likes.

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