Any steel bar type that’s extruded to form an angle is a steel angle. Steel angle is preferred when there’s a need for greater strength and corrosion resistance. The angle of the steel angle, as well as the type of edges chosen, depends on the intended use of the steel angle.

Stainless steel angle can be used for a range of applications such as aerospace fabrication, architectural fabrication, and oil and gas fabrication. There are some cheaper options on the market that may leave you on the fence about buying stainless steel angles, but the long-term benefits you’ll get are worth the investment. Below are some of the benefits of purchasing stainless steel angle.


Protection and Structural Support

Stainless steel angle is a perfect material for external building structures and ornamental construction due to its attractiveness. Apart from attractiveness, the metal is resistant to harsh outdoor conditions, reducing the chance of corrosion. The angles have proved useful in withstanding strong winds while also sealing out water, making stainless steel angle ideal for building outdoor decks for ships and other structures around sea waters. You can also use it to fill corner gaps in both interior and exterior construction as a way of protecting other metals from damage.

Fire and Pest Resistant

Another benefit of stainless steel angle is its resistance to fire and pests, enabling structures to last longer. Vertically and horizontally installed corrugated panels can also be used to add a varied texture to a building’s walls and roof. The corrugated panels are used in both the interior and exterior of a building, making it harder for the building to catch fire. Wall and roof panel formers make it easier for contractors to meet the market’s need for fireproof buildings. The manufacturers of steel roofing and steel walls used in fireproof houses use roll forming machines to customise the products to fit the customer’s needs and preferences.


Some industries, especially marine, chemical and food industries, need special products due to the harshness of the environment or materials used. Steel angle can be of benefit to such companies, enabling their equipment to last longer. Stainless steel is resistant to adverse conditions such as corrosion, erosion and rust, while the angles add the strength required.


As a contractor, you might have varying needs for stainless steel angle depending on the specific project. The market has a wide range of sizes, finishes and angle degrees to choose. The best way to ensure that you select the angle that best fits your needs from the wide range of options available on the market is by engaging an experienced metal dealer. A genuine metal dealer can get you exactly what you need, using the roll forming process to come up with different shapes and sizes of angle made from quality stainless steel. With the use of the latest fabrication technology, engineers can fine-tune your requirements and come up with a product that lasts for a lifetime.

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