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Marcel Dareus: You Gotta Pay to Play

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When the Dolphins signed defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh to a record breaking $19 million per year contract, nobody batted an eye. After all, Suh was one of the most dominant defensive linemen in the game and to say he could cause disruptions all over the field would not be an understatement.

But while Bills defensive tackle Marcel Dareus thinks he should be paid like Suh, the Bills felt he should be paid more like Bucs lineman, Gerald McCoy. In the end, compromise was had and both sides could claim victory.

While Dareus’ guarantee of $60 million was more than the $59.55 million guaranteed that Suh got the AAV (average annual value) of the deal is much closer to that of Gerald McCoy, so it turns out to be a compromise that makes both sides happy, and for once, the fans turn out the happiest.

The Bills now feature a front seven that includes Dareus, Jerry Hughes, Kyle Williams, Mario Williams, Manny Lawson and Nigel Bradham. This is a group that Hall of Fame and former Buffalo Bill great Bruce Smith said, “is the greatest defensive front 7 in team history”.

Remember this team did not blitz at all last year and led the NFL in sacks. Can you imagine the kind of damage they will do in 2015 with Rex Ryan’s blitzing schemes?

That’s what makes Dareus so valuable to this team. Not just his ability, but because he is as good as he is, other O-Lines have to focus on Dareus, which frees up the Williams boys, Hughes, and Lawson. See the money that Dareus is getting isn’t just because he is so significant on defense, but because how good he makes everyone else well. The same of course, can be said about that entire defensive front 7. Talk about giving opposing offenses Sophie’s Choice.

So before Bills faithful jump all over Doug Whaley for his decision to cut Fred Jackson, remember it was that move that freed up the money and the cap room to allow them to keep Dareus a Bill for the next seven years.

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