As days go by, and more people are forced to leave war-torn Syria due to the carnage from both Assad’s regime, and ISIS, more children are being separated from their families.

Out of the one million Syrian refugees that are children, at least 100,000 of them have been separated from their families. As a result, an even greater crisis has been created. UN law also does not allow for the adoption of these children as well.

Many Western European nations have accepted Syrian refugees. They have gone into the UK and Germany in droves. Even though Germany has been seen as a model nation in allowing for refugees to enter, many Muslims are being forced to convert to Christianity.

Refugees in Eastern Europe have been facing much difficulty. In Bulgaria, a woman photographer working for a right wing magazine was seen tripping a child refugee that was running into Bulgaria. A few minutes later, she could be seen tripping a father holding an infant.

In Macedonia, police met refugees with force, beating refugees. In Greece, there have been reports of refugees fighting with some Greeks who did not want refugees. This is understandable knowing that Greece has been in an economic crisis, and they probably believe that the influx of refugees would crash their economy.

Right-wing websites have been writing about the problems and claim that it is refugees who are already calling for jihad. This is not believable and is a typical racist, fear-mongering tactic. They use old footage from somewhere and use it to push their agenda.

Britain’s Prime Minister Cameron has pledged to allow 20,000 Syrian refugees from the Syrian border to enter the UK. They will look for endangered children with the plan to reassess the children after 5 years to see if they must be sent back or if they will be allowed to stay. In the last 10 years, only 4,000 Syrian children refugees has been sent back.

President Barack Obama announced on Thursday that the United States would take in 10,000 Syrian refugees. This is a good start but I believe that the U.S. should double that number.

It is interesting to see the difference in how refugees are treated better in the West, than in Eastern Europe or the Gulf States. Even though some refugees are being forced to convert, I believe that this is more for show. I also know that many Syrians are Christians anyhow, and that these might be Syrian Christians showing that they are Christian, and that Arab news put a different slant on it.

Some of the wealthiest countries in the world are in the Gulf region, and it would seem that some of these countries, namely Saudi, which has a larger population, should take in some refugees. This has been a complaint, so just two days ago, the Saudi king signed a decree to let refugees in. The regional director of the UNHRC claims that this if for 500,000 refugees, but this remains to be seen.

Hillary Clinton has called for an international coalition to come together and solve the worst ‘humanitarian refugee crisis’ since WWII.

The refugee problem does not just affect them. It also affects all of us. Most of the refugees are women and children who want a life away from war. When I was in Tunisia, I would see the Syrian refugee women with their children begging every day at the mosque for money. I was in an immigration camp for eight days in Tunisia. I was in there with Syrians.

I was in there because it was before the elections and the Tunisian Guarde Nationale thought that I would be targeted by Daa’ish for being an American. This is another topic but here is a link to an interview with Weber State University that is on Youtube about that situation:

Our country has continually left and given weapons to different factions to fight against regimes that they did not agree with. It was our policies that led to the influx of arms that has resulted in this humanitarian crisis. We all have a duty as civilians of this planet to do more.

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