Dj Mark Da Spot

Maybe many people don’t know this DJ but he is a very famous DJ from New York and many people know him because he has worked with Prince and Justin Timberlake.  The people who know him know that when he started he was just having the business in the car industry but that industry has given him the path toward the music industry.  He was familiar with the DJ because his uncle was working in the Caribbean as the dj.  He got the inspiration from him. 

He was born in the Caribbean but now living in America. Being from Bronx he knows that how good the area is for the hip hop and that is why he has been getting the inspiration and skills from his childhood.  When he is started in the music industry then he credit Justin Timberlake, because that celebrity was the first one who gave him favor. 

 Justin Timberlake was the first project he got and when he started with him he was just the chauffeur but now he is the DJ in the field with much dedication and confidence.  The crowd puller is the word given to him because no matter what type of venue he goes he is able to attract the crowd towards him and that is why he got to the top very quickly. 

He is working with Prince now and that can give you the idea of how good he is. When asked about the experience with the prince then he said that he has not met Prince much time but sometimes when he was able to meet him then, he realizes that the prince is a very good person who is guiding you time to time for your benefit. 

The Prince has been very beneficial for the DJ mark da spot and even if now the DJ is having a problem then the prince is there to help him. Because of his skills the dj mark has opened the company for the DJ from around the globe.  Many DJ are working with him in this industry and this company has given them platform to work professionally. 

Even today the covid-19 pandemic has affected all the DJ including mark da spot but because of the Instagram live they are able to showcase the world their talent and skill. Mark says that he loves to entertain the crowd and because of the covid he is not able to entertain them in the natural way.  He is hoping that all the problems will be resolved soon and he will be able to entertain the crowd in a good and natural way and make their life happy. 

To the people who want to become the DJ in the life he says that you should think about yourself that if you are able to do it.  He says that if you are confident about yourself then you can make the mark in the music industry as the dj.  He says that you should be patient but one day it will come to you. 

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