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Mark Sanchez “turning over” the starting job

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When it comes to playing quarterback in the NFL it takes a special person. It takes the type of person who can learn to let go. In the case of the Denver Broncos and Mark Sanchez they are trying to teach this. Mark Sanchez, however, has a propensity to not forget. He has a keen ability to turn the ball over. Weather it be by fumble or interception. Let us take a look at how Sanchez is “turning over” the starting job.

Since he came into the league, in 2009, Sanchez has had the moniker of being a turnover machine. His high turnover ratio has resulted in being benched and often replaced for remainder of seasons. For his career Sanchez has 51 fumbles and 84 interceptions. This is not going to cut it as a NFL QB.

Mark Sanchez’s turnovers always seem to come at the wrong time as well. Weather it be a crucial come back drive or a crucial time killing moment, to give his team the win, he gives the ball away. He not only does this in games but also does it in practice. Just last week he threw an ill advised pass that was intercepted. Many, who viewed this pass, wondered what he was throwing to. If he keeps this up he will give the starting job to Trevor Siemian.

Siemian is regarded, in Denver, as being on an equal playing field as Sanchez. His upside is he takes care of the ball. He can make all the necessary throws and may even have a stronger arm. As of the first depth chart release, Siemian and Sanchez have been named a co-starters. This is how close the battle is between the veteran and the young guy.

There is a saying among the reporters and the experts in the NFL; If you have 2 or 3 QBs then you have no QBs. I do not see that as the case in Denver. There will be a true winner that comes out of this co-starter battle.

It may, in fact, be Mark Sanchez. That would be just due to his experience. However, if he cannot keep the ball away from the other team, he just may end up turning it over to the kid, Trevor Siemian. Stay tuned Denver this is going to get interesting.

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