The overall point of marketing is to raise awareness, which will hopefully result in sales. But awareness must always come first, as someone isn’t going to buy something that’s outside of their awareness. So how do you get your business into someone’s awareness? There are many ways, including radio, TV, billboards and newspapers. But these methods all require a hefty marketing budget, which not all small to medium businesses have.

When looking for alternative ways to get your product or service known, you might be attracted to social media. While social media can be helpful for spreading word of mouth, it’s time-consuming and not always the most effective kind of marketing. On the plus side, it’s free or low cost, depending on if you choose to do paid advertising. But is there yet another way? There sure is: letterbox distribution. “But that’s old-fashioned!” you might say. Old-fashioned or not, letterbox distribution is one of the most specific, direct and easy methods of marketing out there. Below, this article will explore three of the top ways to use letterbox distribution to promote your business.

Select a Niche and Target it

The nature of letterbox distribution means that you can select certain geographical areas surrounding your business to target. You can make a certain offer to one postcode and a different one to another, and compare the response rates. You can also create special offers to suit the season that coincides with your peak or off-peak number of sales. There’s so much you can do with letterbox distribution. Make sure you ask where your new clients found you to see if your flyers are effective.

Get a Decent Design

The whole point of letterbox distribution is getting an instant, direct connection with the householder collecting the mail. For this reason, it’s vital that the design of your flyer is simple, clear and eye-catching. Choose just one main message or three dot points as the feature of your flyer. Any more than this, and things get too confusing. Humans can only take in and remember so many things at the one time. This is even more so with the rise of modern technology and the Information Age. To set yourself apart, you need to be memorable. Make your flyer easy to understand and nice to look at. And whatever you do, don’t use clashing colours or fonts that are hard to read. No one wants to look at that.

Lure Them In With Incentives

A flyer is prime real estate for advertising your business that’s placed directly into your target customer’s post box. This gives you an opportunity to elicit an individual response from these potential customers. How do you do that? You use incentives such as coupon codes and vouchers. These offers not only provide an up-front incentive and benefit to new customers, but also provide a handy way to track response rates from your letterbox distribution flyers. When the vouchers are redeemed, you can find out how many people took notice of your flyers the last time you did a letterbox distribution.

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