If you’re a small to medium business considering your available marketing tools, letterbox distribution may not be the first thing that comes to mind. With everyone rushing to be on social media, traditional media has perhaps become unfashionable, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. Quite the opposite, in fact − and a case in point is letterbox distribution.

It’s ironic that because there’s so much hype and noise around digital media advertising, an alternative such as letterbox distribution can offer a lot of cut-through if done right. Below, this article will detail how letterbox distribution can benefit your business and boost your bottom line.

Effective Targeted Marketing

Letterbox distribution involves the delivery of marketing flyers into individual the letter boxes of individual households. One of the benefits of this marketing technique is that you can use it to target your efforts to one geographical area,or to certain areas during certain times of the year. For example, a pool cleaning company might do a letter drop just in time for summer. Timely letterbox distribution finds the attention of potential buyers right at the moment they need your service.

You can be sure that when a flyer is put into a prospective customer’s letterbox, there’s a high chance they’ll see your marketing message. Things arriving in the post are so much more direct and personal these days because people receive so many forms of communication electronically. Letterbox distribution takes advantage of this more direct, accessible and personal form of addressing people to get your business’s message across.

Clear and Simple Communication

The best kind of marketing is the clear and simple kind, because it won’t confuse people. The most effective letterbox distribution flyers are designed to be easily understood, so don’t try to do too much in your marketing flyers. It’s like trying to write a song − you need one main message that will be the star of the show, your chorus, if you like. This might be your special offer, or it might be the three main benefits of your service.

Nothing else should detract from your flyer’s main message, because that’s the catchy part, the part that will get people calling you and booking in for a carpet steam clean, hedge clipping, or whatever it is that you offer. If you keep your flyers easy to read and understand, you’ll get a much more positive result from letterbox distribution.

Wait a Minute Mr Postman…

Is there a letter in your bag for me? Everybody loves getting something in the mail, no matter what it is. Letters and flyers in the post are becoming rarer and rarer with the advent of digital media. But letterbox distribution is only becoming more effective as more people are drawn into the noise of social media. What everyone has forgotten is that going against the grain and doing something ‘old-fashioned’ can be the wisest business move you’ve ever made.

The hardest thing about marketing is getting your message heard, right? Well, what if you go where the crowd isn’t? Letterbox distribution offers a direct way of communicating with potential customers. They open the letterbox, they see your flyer − boom. If your services are relevant to them right then, they’ll call you. If they think your business sounds useful, but it isn’t relevant right now, they might stick your flyer on the fridge for later. Either way, they’ve definitely seen your message. That’s much better than being a commercial on the TV that gets muted, or a social media advert that goes ignored.

However you look at it, there are many advantages to choosing letterbox distribution as an effective marketing method. It offers great targeting options for geography or season, it communicates in simple terms, and it cuts through the advertising clutter out there by arriving directly into a mailbox.

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