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Marketing: The Role of Social Media in Building Brand Image

In the current internet-centered generation, having a social media presence is as important as anything else. The identity of a person or is not just limited to their age, gender, etc. but also translates in their social media presence.

Why limit it to individuals? Any brand should know the impact social media has in creating the ideal image that they would like to portray. The job of social media in building brands is exceptionally crucial. With social media, all customers can impart their voice and insight. With the various sorts of social mediums, organizations have numerous approaches to associate with their crowd.

Social media expands the amount of exposure that a brand gets and builds traffic. It likewise assists in creating faithful fans and produces leads. Having a substantial social media presence permits a brand to generate business associations, diminish promoting costs, improve it and increase the sales to a great extent. Another tremendous advantage of social media is that it showcases organizations in a way where they can further better their image.

Take a look at one of the best poker sites in NY as an example of how websites can play a huge role in a brand’s image. At any point when a brand is encountering issues, social media is there as a bridge between them and the purchasers. Customers can have a look into why the brand is going through those issues. Above all, customers usually tend to buy merchandise and other amenities from brands they fancy, are familiar with and trust. A social media presence that is engaging, with regular updates can build a strong customer base which will be of great help to you.

Follow through this article to find some helpful tips that will help you in building your ideal brand image through social media.

Communicate with Longer Posts:

Twitter provides an excellent platform for any brand with its active network of people. You could always use it to make announcements, for a short introduction to any product or service, etc. If, despite that, you feel compelled by Twitter’s 140 character restriction, don’t stop for a second to build up a point with posts on various social media stages like Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and LinkedIn where you can have a significantly higher word count.

Make Your Posts Exceptional:

Everyone can talk about anything they want on social media, that is the best and worst thing about it. You need to ensure that your posts have a very catchy title, a refreshing body and a brilliant conclusion. Always use a format that is easy to read, does not bore the readers and creates an air of curiosity about your brand.

An essential part of any social media post is the image it portrays, quite literally. Do not shy away from using pictures and videos along with the written text post. You could just put all your information into a compact photo or video that is attractive and serves your purpose. An image is worth a thousand words

Be an inspiration:

Acting as a source of inspiration can be of great help to your brand image. This useful strategy will give your posts a human element in the sense that the viewers will feel like they can relate to your brand. A source of inspiration can be anything that motivates or pushes a person to do something. Use your brand creatively so that it can act as a source of inspiration for the viewers.

Strengthen Your Facebook Connection:

If you are not getting the response you intended to on your Facebook page despite a reasonable amount of efforts, please understand that your connection within the platform is insufficient. To broaden and strengthen your connections, try arranging for gatherings that aim to start more Facebook associations.

Publicize Any Criticism:

This is a strategy followed by all the major companies around the world. When a customer has a complaint and addresses it to you, you need to use your best customer service skills to fix the issue and provide a better clarity that aims towards a solution. When you get input from your clients, please don’t be hesitant to feature it.

For instance, if you have a customer tell you that the packaging of your product or service is lacking, you must see to it that you improve the package design to provide a better service next time. Once you do that, make a post on how you received a complaint and what you did to fix it. This will give your customers the feeling that their voices are important to you and are heard.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencers have a huge task to carry out in influencing popular supposition and feelings. Understanding this, cutting edge PR strategists coordinate with influencers for showcasing the brand. Drawing in an influencer to accord a positive concentration to a brand has the accompanying benefits.


Most brands need to figure out how to take part in social media adequately. Try to discover the crossing point between brand significance (how the brand and its items fit into individuals’ lives), and channel pertinence (something that draws in the social media crowd).


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