You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there’s been something about the way he acts lately. Something just feels wrong. An online database like is the surest way to validate your gut feeling.

Many people are tempted to accuse their spouse outright, but this isn’t a good idea. You don’t want him to admit it, but you don’t want him to deny it either. Seemingly groundless accusations can only result in stress and tension. Your relationship will never be the same because he will always feel like you don’t trust him, and if he’s actually not cheating, this is especially true.

This article will go on to provide more information about how to find out for sure based on telltale signs. A spouse’s affair should not stay in the dark.

Running a Background Check

By using a site like the above-mentioned, you can find relevant information on almost anyone. Not only can you run a background check, but use reverse lookup to verify a phone number and find anyone’s current address. This is very helpful if you suspect whom he’s having an affair with. The best part is that all of these services come at no cost to you.

What to Look out for

Beyond running a background search, there are certain signs that your spouse is cheating. None of them guarantee it, but they can help you find out. Here are the signs of cheating you should be looking out for.

Worsened Communication

Worsened communication is the first sign of an unfaithful spouse. If you regularly talked on the phone or texted each other in the past, but you’re doing so less often, this might indicate a problem. Of course, it depends on how long you’ve been married.

Maybe you’re starting to feel like he doesn’t care very much about you anymore or simply that he’s not giving you the attention you’re used to. He doesn’t pick up his phone, and you wonder where he is, what he’s doing, and who he’s with. You don’t make weekend plans together anymore. He takes hours to reply to your text, and so on. For peace of mind, it’s definitely recommended to run a background check.


Typically, cheating husbands start showing character changes. For one, they become increasingly withdrawn. There are almost no romantic nights out now. He is coming home late from work more and more often or having very long lunches, which is why you can never seem to get in touch with him at this time of day. What’s worse, this goes for any time of day. He’s constantly criticizing you. As people tend to feel guilty when they’re cheating on their spouses, flares of anger are not uncommon. There are changes in your sexual interactions, usually having sex less often or a reduction in intimacy.


Cheating partners will be frustrating to talk to. If they’re always arguing with you over everything, it’s a common sign of infidelity. They pick on little things. They make you feel paranoid by being manipulative. They will project their guilt onto you and make you think the arguments are all your fault.

Their Online Footprint is Telling

If you want to check whether your husband’s cheating, you’ll find their online activity very helpful to calm your fear or confirm your suspicions. Cheating partners’ behavior is not hard to track down. Even the most careful person will leave a clue online. One sign is one or more apps on their phone or computer that are used to make emails and texts disappear. If you look at his phone, there might be more calls that he doesn’t answer when he’s at home.

Another sign, albeit not related to online behavior, is more mileage on their vehicle than customary. When someone is cheating on their spouse, they’re understandably not meeting lovers in or near the area where they live. A neighbor or acquaintance might see them.

Physical Transformation

Admittedly, men undergoing a midlife crisis will change their appearance and habits. But when is this due to more than a midlife crisis? If he changes his body shape, appearance, or clothing style drastically, he might be having an affair. Maybe his lover told him to use a different cologne or aftershave or grow a beard. He might be trying to impress a woman at work if he starts dressing differently. Another sign is a couch potato becoming a fitness maniac. He could be trying to impress a woman who goes to the gym.



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