The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big place. It is full of heroes all across the world. Some appear on the big screen. Some appear on the the small screen. Some appear on Netflix. And across all of those mediums. there are a handful of different teams.

For right now, we will be focusing on the two major teams that appear within the films. I am of course referring to the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. The two teams are set to join forces in the battle against Thanos when Avengers: Infinity War rolls around in 2018.

But to this point in the MCU, their paths have yet to cross. So that begs the questions: When will that happen? And who will bridge the gap?

Well, we know the Guardians are aware of the Infinity Stones, thanks to the Collector. However, they are more focused on saving the Galaxy. The Infinity Stones are not at the forefront of their agenda at the moment. And they are not likely aware of Thanos’ grand scheme.

As for the Avengers, there are a few members who are interested in learning more about the stones. As a result, they are the more likely of the two to stumble upon Thanos’ mission. As a result, they will need to seek out the Space Stone and Reality Stone, which are being held on Xandar and with the Collector respectively.

As a result, it will likely see at least one member of the Earth-based team travel to space to retrieve one or both of these stones. As a result, they will likely cross paths with Star-Lord and the gang. When they fill the Guardians in about Thanos’ plan, they will likely be on board (given Drax’s feelings towards the big purple guy).

That brings us to which Avenger will be the one who takes that trip to space? Who will be the one who essentially recruits the Guardians to join the fray? Here are my top three choices.



The Vision has one of the Infinity Stones (The Mind Stone) in his head. It is a very crucial part of his character. It is also something that brings him many questions. In Captain America: Civil War, he stated he wanted to learn more about it. Because he simply does not understand it.

Given the Avengers are in shambles at the moment, it is entirely possible Vision has some extra free time on his hands. As a result, he will likely be looking into the stone in his head. During his research, he is likely to figure out there are six stones in total. As a result, he will want to find the others.

Add in the fact that he is not actually human, so he can go basically anywhere he wants. It is much more likely he travels to another realm or to space in comparison to Hawkeye, Ant-Man or even Cap. Seeing him venture off to space to learn about the stones makes plenty of sense.

Thor and Hulk

Thor and Hulk will both be appearing in Thor: Ragnarok in November of this year. The two will be going on what is described as a buddy road trip. In other words, they will be traveling all over the MCU in the film. There will be some scenes in Asgard. Some in Sakaar. Some on Earth. So what is stopping them from going to a planet where the Guardians will be?

Doctor Strange is already set to appear in the film, so including the Guardians may be a bit much for one film. But having a post-credit scene that has the team cross paths with the God of Thunder and the Big Green Guy is certainly in play. The film will be a lead-in to Infinity War. So what better way than to have the two recruit Rocket, Groot and company.

One final note, just like Vision, Thor has shown a previous interest in the stones. He left for Asgard at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron with the intent of learning more about the stones. So while on his road trip with Hulk, maybe he comes across some important information. And that information just so happens to lead him to the Guardians.

Doctor Strange

Given Doctor Strange was in the most out there solo film, linking him to the team from space is not too far fetched. He can travel to different dimensions. He is protecting the Earth from some of its biggests threats. He also is in possession of an Infinity Stone. All of these are signs that he could be a good link between the two teams.

As of this moment, he is not a member of the Avengers. But, we know he knows Thor. The two will share some screen time come November. Maybe in their interactions Thor tells him about what he has learned about the stones. This could then lead to Strange doing some more research of his own. These stones can be dangerous, so learning how to protect against their powers would be in his interest.

He is very well aware of the kind of risk Loki is. So maybe he is also aware of Thanos, as those two have some history. Given the nature of his character, as well as his holding of the Time Stone, certainly makes him a likely candidate. He currently stands alone. But it could be this lone wolf who unites the two biggest teams in the MCU.

These are the heroes I would deem the most likely to bridge the two teams of heroes within the MCU. Sure they two teams could simply meet up as groups. but it would make more sense to have one hero link the two. It could be Iron Man. It could be Scarlet Witch. But if I had to guess, my

But if I had to guess, my money would be on one of the characters I listed above. The Vision is my top selection. But who is your pick? Tell us in the comments!

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