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Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Iron Man and Spider-Man Relationship Perfect For the MCU

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We are just over a week away until the newest installment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe hits theaters. With Spider-Man: Homecoming swinging into the movies on July 7th, fans of the MCU are about to take another step closer to Avengers: Infinity War.

While Homecoming will serve as the first full chapter for Tom Holland’s version of the web slinger, this film will serve a much larger purpose in the Universe. With Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man set to appear in the film, this movie will begin the passing of the torch from Tony Stark to Peter Parker. And the timing could not have been any better.

Back in 2008, Downey Jr. first appeared as Tony in the very first Iron Man film. That film would give birth the MCU as we all know and love it today. Alongside Captain America, Tony would become the face of the Avengers. While the team has gone through several changes over the years, everyone still looks back to the original team: Tony, Cap, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye.

When Infinity War hits theaters next year, it will serve as the final chapter for some of those core characters. Some of them won’t make it out of the next two Avengers films alive. Some will likely hang up their boots from the world-saving role. That is why the Tony Stark-Peter Parker relationship is so perfect for the Marvel Cinematic Universe at this point in time.

We got an early taste of how these two iconic characters will interact during 2016’s Summer blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. The reason Spidey gets brought into the mix is that he is recruited by Iron Man himself. As a result, Tony serves as a father figure/role model to the young Peter. It would appear that Spider-Man is being groomed to take Iron Man’s mantle as face of the MCU, post-Infinity War.

For starters, there are certainly plenty of similarities between the two characters. We know both are quite brilliant. Tony is good with technology. I mean, he did kind of make his suit all on his own. We saw a similar love for technology from Peter during Civil War.

Next, let’s factor in the idea of a father figure. Tony and his father had their ups and downs. While the two did not always see eye to eye, it is clear that Howard Stark had a very important part in shaping Tony into the man he has become. Also, even though he is not currently involved in the day to day happenings of the MCU, his name always seems to have a presence.

As for Spidey, he is living with his Aunt May. We can assume that his parents, as well as his Uncle Ben, are all deceased within the MCU. So when Tony comes into the picture, it is clear to see why he can step into that role so easily. From what we have seen in the trailer, there has been a bit of that tension that Howard and Tony share.

While Peter wants to be buddy-buddy with Tony when he gets his suit, Tony simply brushes it aside. Then why Peter tries to save the ferry, Tony needs to save the day. It is unclear if this event is the reason Tony becomes so disappointed in his protege, resulting in him taking the suit away. But that moment will happen, and the tension will certainly be there between the two.

So it is clear to see why the heads of Marvel Studios would look to make Spider-Man their next Iron-Man. While Tony will mentor Peter on-screen, he will be passing the torch in more ways than one. After the fourth Avengers film, we do not know how much more of Robert Downey Jr. we will see in the MCU. Whether he dies or not, he will still certainly have some form of presence, even if Tony is not in the films. Think of him taking the spot of Howard.

Then as things continue on past the fourth Avengers get together, Spider-Man takes the role of co-leader of the unit. Characters like Winter Soldier and Black Panther will take over for Cap. Doctor Strange becomes the new Thor. Captain Marvel and Scarlett Witch take over for Widow. Vision is the new Hulk. And of course, Ant-Man is the new Hawkeye.

All of this is going to be helped by the current relationship they are building between Spidey and Tony. Their relationship perfect for the Universe, with the timing being spot on. As one chapter closes, a new one is set to begin.

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