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Marvel’s Agents of Shield: Killing Off Fitz Would Be a Bold But Smart Move

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If you are a fan of Marvel’s Agents of Shield, you are probably a bit conflicted at the moment. This season has been fairly strong and progressively getting better. However, rumors persist that the show will be canceled following the conclusion of the current fourth season.

But let’s put that conversation behind us for the time being. Fans need to focus on what is currently going on right now. The season is 22 episodes long. The episode that will be airing tomorrow (Tuesday, April 25th), titled “All the Madame’s Men”, will be episode 19.

That means we have just four more episodes left in the season. Very possibly the entire series. That means things need to wrap up a bit, and in a hurry. That leads us to one of the best parts of this current pod of episodes (The Framework): Evil Fitz.

Ever since the show has started the Framework storyline, things have felt fresh. We have gotten to see new sides of characters that we have never really seen before. Ward is back, and actually seems to care about others. Simmons has truly grown into her own, proving she is one tough chick. But on the flipside, we have seen Fitz turn on those he cares about.

In this alternate reality, Fitz has been given power. Lots of power. He is working side by side with Aida/Madame Hydra, whom he is partially responsible for bringing to life. As a result, he has always felt a bond with her. Over the course of the season, she has grown more and more villainous. Poor Fitz has been blinded by attraction, joining on her decent down the dark hole.

But fans have been given the impression that this is what Fitz is truly like deep down. Fitz is tired of being a nobody. He is tired of being pushed around. He finally has the control and he is not letting it go. Sure he needs to make some cold hearted decisions, but they do not seem to be affecting him.

This includes shooting and killing a totally innocent woman. That is hands down been the most shocking moment of the season. But guess what, it are decisions like those that have made Agents of Shield so fun to watch the last few weeks.

But Marvel is going to be facing another hard decision in regards to Fitz in the coming four episodes. Do you kill off Fitz? While it may be hard to justify to some fans, the correct answer to that question is yes.

For starters, when we met the team in season one, Fitz and Simmons were essentially one character. The two had amazing chemistry and were always by each other’s sides. As the years have gone on, these two have seen so many ups and downs. But they always came back to one another when things were all said and done.

However, one thing they have never reached is a truly happy ending. Every time the two get close to one another in a romantic/relational aspect, things go south. So one would imagine they get their fairytale ending come the end of the series. Given this could be that end, fans are certainly expecting Simmons to turn Fitz back to the good side.

It is the character progressions this season that makes me side against this, however. As I mentioned earlier, Simmons has truly broken out as of late. She has proven she does not need Fitz. Jemma is more than capable of handling business on her own. She is not just a lab geek anymore. Now she is a full on agent.

As for Fitz, we have seen his true colors. While this is a fake reality, it is drawn from each person’s true feelings/emotions. So there is something inside of Fitz that is willing to kill to hold onto power. I simply do not see any way of Fitz coming back from this.

Not only have fans witnessed this transformation, but so have the team. Once they get out of the framework, can you really justify the team members forgiving Fitz for what he has done. While he killed Agnes in the Framework, he also killed her in the real world as a result.

So the most logical ending to this season would be to have Simmons killing Fitz. The former lovers were once inseparable. But now they have gone down two very different paths. I picture a scene where Fitz is holding Skye/Daisy at gunpoint.

He is at a standoff with the rest of the team. Simmons and Coulson try to convince him to put the gun down. But no dice. Then Fitz turns the gun in Simmons direction. At which point she pulls her trigger. Talk about a way to end the season and having fans ask for more!

This would help cement Simmons’ new found persona. She will have made the crucial decision to take out the man she once loved for the safety and betterment of the team. But there will always be a part of her that feels guilty going forward.

So while it is hard to take out such a fan favorite character like Fitz, it is the correct call thanks to the way things have unfolded. It is also bold. But bold decisions are what make or break a television show.

So what are your thoughts? Do you want to see Agents of Shield kill off Fitz? Do you think the show will be renewed for a fifth season? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Marvel’s Agents of Shield: Killing Off Fitz Would Be a Bold But Smart Move

  1. This isn’t his true colours though. This reality has been manipulated by AIDA to fit her own narratives. May was working for HYDRA and hurt innocent people and caught and beat Daisy up as well. I mean the team will be justified to hate Fitz back in the real world, but he also isn’t guilty for any of that. It was AIDA who manipulated everything. I would really want to see the team (Coulson, May, Daisy, Mack, Jemma and Fitz) make it out all alive and move forward together as a team. We actually didn’t really see them being an actual team this season with Daisy being gone in 4a and May being gone in 4b.

    However I really hope that AoS isn’t going to bring Ward back for real for whatever reason they are going to make up with the darkhold book.

  2. Those aren’t his true colours though. May also became Hydra and Skye was hydra too. The thing about this is that AIDA has manipulated the framework to fit her own narrative. I do think that the team is going to have a hard time to forgive Fitz when they are back to the real world but Fitz is also not guilty of it. I would really want to see the team (Coulson, May, Daisy, Mack, Jemma and Fitz) all make it out alive and safe from the framework and move on from it together. We didn’t actually see the team working together much this season as Daisy being gone in 4a and May being kidnapped in 4b. It would be nice if we get to see them working as a team in s5, that is if they get another season.

    However, I do hope that AoS isn’t going to keep Ward around by coming up with some excuses using AIDA/Darkhold. At this point it’s become very contrived to keep him around. I get that he has a huge following but I am always fond of this show for never giving in his fans who always bully the cast and the show. And you just can tell that this show would come up with a lame reason to bring him back to the real world but not Trip!

    1. Thanks for reading Kevin! While I see where you are coming from, I disagree on the fact that I think this is who Fitz truly is deep down. Yes AIDA has manipulated things to get to where they are, but it was Fitz who pulled that trigger. I simply do not see him coming back from that.

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