Reuben Foster
Reuben Foster - Linebacker, Alabama

Just like Tyler Calvaruso of Jets Wire wrote, there is always one uber-talented player whose off-field activities affect his NFL Draft status. This year, it’s Alabama linebacker, Reuben Foster.

The All-American and top-ranked player at his position, tested positive for a diluted drug sample at the NFL Combine, sending shockwaves throughout the NFL. While everyone knows he can play and is still one of the best prospects on the board, there are now questions about the decisions he makes.

Foster has tumbled down draft boards – some think he could fall to the end or out of the first round.

That’s a bit of a stretch.

“The way it looks right now, Foster is a second-round selection,” Calvaruso writes. “Someone is going to get a steal either late in the first round or early in the second. If Foster winds up on a contender, he can step in and make a major impact from day one that could potentially turn a good defense into an elite defense.”

Teams are well aware of the situation. I doubt it is that big a deal. Other players in the past – Warren Sapp for one – have tumbled a bit and still had stellar NFL careers.

If Foster does tumble, here are five teams that could take a chance on him and come out grabbing a future All-Pro player.

Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs need depth at the position with questions about Derrick Johnson. There have been many who thing Foster resembles Johnson in his style and ability.

The Chiefs have been linked to a running back at No. 27, but if Foster is there, it is a tempting pick to make.

Dallas Cowboys – This pick happens if Jerry Jones is bold enough to make it. OK, I’ll amend that – if Jerry Jones can get his hands on him. The Cowboys have a good defense, but it could use speed and depth. Sean Lee and Foster are intriguing puzzle pieces. Dallas has never been shy about taking questionable players who pan out.

Pittsburgh Steelers – I still think this is the most logical choice should he tumble. Reuben Foster comes in and helps replace Lawrence Timmons, who left via free agency. There are enough veterans on this team to help keep the rookie in line and most of all, this is a need pick. Pittsburgh fans would be elated if this were to happen.

Green Bay Packers – The Packers still need help on defense. The blue blood team could use another wild linebacker in the middle of the defense to stop the run, cover tight ends and add intensity all around. That’s what Clay Matthews does, but he is getting older. Reuben Foster could learn from the best to become the best.

New Orleans Saints – New Orleans have two first round draft picks. I don’t see them grabbing him with No. 11, but I could see them package a deal to move up from No. 32 to get defensive help. It is no secret the team needs help all over the roster, but a move here would make a statement about how this team is looking for young, speed and aggression.

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