Which Tiles Should You Go For

Any home remains incomplete without the strong base that comes with superior tiles. Besides adding aesthetic value to the space, they also increase the value and timeline of your home. With tiles, you have several options regarding designs, materials, and patterns.

Tiles mainly come in two finishes – glossy and matte – which are the major choices of homeowners when selecting their tiles. The finishes of the tiles play a significant role in elevating the look of the house. But which one should you go for? Read further to know the same.

Matte Finish Tiles


  • Low Maintenance 

Tiles in general are low maintenance, making them a satisfactory investment and a safe choice for the lifeline of your homes. They are great at hiding scratches and stains, and function well with minimal maintenance. A basic cleaning routine is all that matte finish tiles require in the long run.

  • Rustic Look 

For areas of the house where you need a vintage and rustic look, matte tiles will be best suited. These tiles are renowned for that traditional-yet-contemporary vibe that you are looking for.

  • Slip Resistant 

Matte finish tiles are largely slip-resistant and possess better friction than glossy tiles, which makes them a safe option for areas like bathrooms and toilets.


  • Stubborn Stains 

It is not easy for matte finish tiles to get stained. However, when they do, the stains are stubborn and can prove tedious to get rid of. You might need a rather strong approach while trying to get these stains off. That said, if frequently cleaned, you will avoid such situations.

  • Not Ideal For Darker Rooms 

Home decor is an interesting subject if approached the right way! As you may have heard, laying the right kind of tiles can make or break the look of a space. This stands true for finishes as well. Tiles can create an illusion of a larger room if you select the right finish. Matte finish tiles, in such cases, appear unsuitable regarding the room size, as they make it appear dark and much smaller. However, they work well in bigger rooms where they might not need as much light reflection as in smaller rooms.

  • Not Scratch Proof

Several tiles are scratch-resistant but not ‘scratch proof’, which is a big difference. After frequent use, tiles can get scratched on their surfaces, which is natural and a byproduct of time. Similarly, matte finish tiles are at risk of the same. They are good at hiding stains and scratches. However, over time, they need significant attention.

Glossy Finish Tiles


  • Easy To Clean 

As the surface of these tiles is glossy, it becomes much easier to clean them. All you will need is a good surface cleaner and a microfibre cloth. If you take care of them regularly, you will steer clear of any permanent stains or spills.

  • Makes Space Look Bigger & Brighter 

Glossy finish tiles are a boon for smaller spaces. To create an illusion of spaciousness, you need ample light reflection. This is provided by glossy finish tiles in abundance. You can take advantage of that fact, and make the space look bigger and brighter.

  • Idea For Kitchen Backsplashes 

Kitchen backsplashes need to be doubly stronger. Besides the constant flames, they also need to withstand spills and stains, all while protecting the wall behind. Glossy finish tiles fit the bill for the same, as they are relatively easier to maintain and clean.


  • They Are Slippery

Although they are durable, glossy finish tiles can be slippery at times due to their shiny surfaces. This poses a difficulty if the household has pets, kids, and senior citizens. Thus, you should avoid installing them in high-risk and high-moisture areas like bathrooms and toilets.

  • They Highlight Imperfections 

Due to their mirror-like surface, you can see the stains and spills quite easily. To avoid this, you need to clean them as they come. Otherwise, such stains can settle in the area and can prove difficult to get rid of.

  • Can Be Seen As Too Bright

The reflective sheen of a glossy finish tile can sometimes be too much for some people. If you are looking for a sober, subtle and understated look in a particular space, give glossy finish tiles a miss as they make the space much brighter than expected.

To sum up, both matte finish and glossy finish tiles are quite popular in their sense due to their characteristics and niche. You can use both finishes in the same house in different spaces as per the requirement. Understanding space is extremely important. So which one have you chosen for your home now?

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