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It is no secret that Obamacare has given uninsured people a chance for receiving healthcare. But the institution of this new policy, there would be consequences for others, those reliant on Medicare to be exact. Cuts over the last several years to the point of medical negligent behavior because of “red tape” hurdles put in front of providers reinforces the fact the that Medicare is falling apart.

Recently, the government-funded insurance made another change to what is covered for vision care. While two prescriptions for two years is still normal, they only cover the most basic of things. Completely ignoring everyday life events, scratch-guard protection of lenses for glasses is no longer covered. Transitional lenses for sun-protection also removed from coverage options.

When addressed about the change to the eye wear specialist, she stated that while she did not understand why these cuts were made, they do inconvenience patients and the office staff.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico a very young lady who had been diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver passed away earlier this year. She herself was on Medicare and the state’s Medicaid program. Her condition was diagnosed at age six and it was made clear that she had to have a Liver Transplant every ten years. The first transplant went fine and she lived a normal life. When it came time for the second transplant, she had to travel to numerous doctors over four different states and it was not until they found the fifth state where they found a doctor who would take her case and could save her life. But by then, it was over four years too late as her condition was too far gone and she passed shortly after arriving in Utah. You can read more about this particular case by clicking on the link provided:

1st UNMH Transplant patient passes away

There have been so many cuts already to the Medicare program and what it can/cannot cover. Latest cuts in the heavy rumor mill rotation is the complete and total cut to all dental coverage for Medicare.

There are more road blocks and red tape hoops for patients to go through just to take one more step to a long term treatment solution. Patients are frustrated and losing faith in the healthcare system. Doctors and nurses within healthcare system frustrated with how limited they are to provide adequate healthcare plans to patients.

One doctor said that today’s philosophy of medicine is a “revolving door” where its all about the money that the HMOs/PPOs collect. Kaiser Permanente uses the term “Preventive Medicine” in their overall campaign slogan and its business philosophy practices for patients. But one former primary care doctor and current nurse within Kaiser both are quoted as saying, “The only thing Kaiser prevents is long term treatment goals for its patients. It uses the revolving door system to fill its financials.”

Even County officials are benefiting from the financials that healthcare companies are obtaining. While it has not yet been proven directly, it is safe though to say in one case that a County judge was in some form bought off. This judge, several years ago, ruled against one patient’s appeal for Gastric Bypass surgery decision by HMO Communicare Advantage. It was documented within Communicare’s TAR agreement with Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid) that the patient did fully qualify and the judge blatantly ignored it. Years later, the same patient continues to get denied a surgical procedure that can give a second chance at life and the patients physical health only continues to get worse. Not getting into the social stereotypes and abuse the patient endures routinely.

In the end, healthcare has taken a back seat for citizens of the United States of America. Doctors are handcuffed with what they can and cannot do to treat their patients. Limited resources provide inadequate medical equipment and services to aid patients in recovery and all of these result in people endless and needless suffering and eventual death like the case mentioned.

Something has to be done sooner rather than later. It is obvious that the system in place is not working. It is a short term fix and health is a long term subject.

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