Lil Tapz

American rapper, influencer, and social media personality Lil Tapz is a once-in-a-lifetime talent, born July 26, 2005, in Las Vegas Nevada. Lil Tapz is one of the names you need to know. Growing up in a heavily influenced musical city, helped Lil Tapz jumpstart his career and truly feel like he can make it big one day.

He is widely known for his smash hit, “Big Bandz” which has surpassed thousands of streams across all platforms independently! Lil Tapzz has recently released a follow-up album titled, “Up in Space” which seems symbolic of the fact that he took a bit of a hiatus to get things organized in his life.

Lil Tapz is back and ready to shake the world, with so much ahead of him it is only a matter of time before he is dancing with the stars. His latest album also features generational rapper KiroX0, Gio Gelato, BigScrew, and many more which has been the biggest collaboration of his thriving career. What’s next from Tapz is something to seriously look forward to.


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