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Meet The Squad: Deadshot and Harley Quinn

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Every team needs to have its leaders. In a high budget film, like “Suicide Squad”, those leaders will likely come in the form of the bigger name actors and actresses. The Squad is no different, having two big time Hollywood names leading the team. They also happen to be playing two of the better known characters in the film as well. So who are they you ask?

The characters are Deadshot and Harley Quinn, and they are set to get their fair share of the spotlight. Deadshot, played by Will Smith, is one of those characters who is complicated, in that he is a bad guy that can be portrayed as someone you want to root for. Harley Quinn, being portrayed by Margot Robbie, is simply crazy, which is what makes her so entertaining. The two have contrasting styles, and it sure will be fun to see the interactions between the two on the big screen.


Will Smith is probably the biggest name to be cast in “Suicide Squad”. The Former Fresh Prince of Bel Aire will be taking on the role of Floyd Lawton, also known as Deadshot in the film. He is an expert marksman who has been portrayed as a hired assassin in the comics on multiple occasions.

The first trailer hinted at the potential of the film dabbling into his personal life, prior to his incarceration. This will come in the form of his daughter Zoe, whom Deadshot will likely be very close with. It is very possible he agrees to join the mission so he can be set free into the world and possible see his daughter again. Fans of the show “Arrow” will recognize this father/daughter angle for Deadshot, as Lawton appeared on the show in earlier seasons before being killed off (Likely because this new Will Smith version of Deadshot was about to enter the mix).


Deadshot is usually a rather confident fellow, which would make sense for a guy who makes a living off shooting other people. He claims he never misses. The movie version appears to be following suit, with Smith showcasing that confidence in the trailers.

We all know what Will Smith brings to the table. If you have seen the film “Concussion” you know how he can really delve into a role.  He is serious when he needs to be, but fully capable of getting the audience to laugh when needed as well. Deadshot is a guy who shoots people, but often he has the backstory that makes you feel for him. So you feel like you shouldn’t be rooting for him, but you really want to. That sounds like it is right up Will Smith’s alley, as he is good as playing the role of the guy you root for, even if you are not sure exactly why.

Given Smith’s stature as an actor, he is probably safe from biting the bullet in this one. A potential sequel would only benefit from having him involved. However, I do not want to say it is a total lock he lives however, as he is the perfect candidate if the filmmakers really want to send fans home in shock. The Joker is not going to die, so killing off one of the team leaders has to be considered a possibility at the very least.

Harley Quinn

From what we have seen in the trailers, Margot Robbie is going to absolutely nail this role. Quinn’s real name is Harleen Quinzel, and she has a long history with the Joker. In fact, she became Harley Quinn because of Mr. J himself. And that is something the film appears to be following suit on, at least from the clips we have seen in the trailers.

“Suicide Squad” is set to be an origin story of sorts for Harley Quinn. It appears she will have changed thanks to the falling into a vat of chemicals, most likely thanks to the Joker, who jumps in after her. She will then proceed to learn the tricks of the trade from her man, while also going on joyrides in his fancy pink Lamborghini. One of these joyrides gets crashed by Batman himself however, and this leads to the car crashing into the water, Harley included. Batman then will likely save her, and bring her to prison or Arkham Asylum.

From there she will be recruited to Amanda Waller’s team. And that’s when the fun really starts, as Harley Quinn will be set loose. She has voices in her head telling her things, and everything she does seems totally insane.

harley quinn

I have no doubts in my mind Robbie is going to absolutely nail this role. She and The Joker will likely be in heavy competition for fan favorite character come the end of the film. She will provide plenty of laughs, and she embodies one of the most desired characteristics any character could have: unpredictability. The audience has zero knowledge of what she will do next, because she doesn’t even know. Only the voices in her head know what will come next. But that is what makes her character one of the most entertaining. Fans will surely be talking about Quinn and how Robbie needs to reprise the role as soon as humanly possible.

Because of that, combined with Robbie’s star power, makes Harley a virtual lock to be alive come the end of the film. She is the lead female role in the film by far, and she will be an instant fan-favorite. There would be zero logic to killing her off.


Talk about the clash of personalities. Deadshot will be serious and mission oriented, while Harley just wants to have fun. She will break windows and steal stuff in the middle of the mission, simply because that is what she does. Plus the voices in her head likely told her to. It will surely be entertaining to see how the two interact when they are in the field together.

There have been rumors of a potential romance between the two. Given Smith and Robbie have worked together in the past makes it easier for them to bounce things off of each other while filming, and the chemistry will certainly be there. Let’s just hope Deadshot does not have rules similar to Rick Flag, as one would imagine Harley will “be quire vexing”.

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