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Men: 10 Facts To Make You Feel Better In Bed

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By David Gomes

It is in every man’s nature to be the best in everything he does. You want to be the best at work, the strongest among your friends, and the best in bed.

Despite bragging about your sex moves and claiming you have a perfect sex life to your friends, you still realize it needs more improvement. Sex life, particularly in a long-term relationship, requires constant “work” and effort.

You have to make sure it’s equally exciting as the first time you and your girlfriend/wife did it. Fortunately, you can improve your performance in numerous ways, and this article will show you ten easy tips to follow.

1.) Take care of your hygiene: Body odor or a natural scent plays a major role in attraction between two people, and according to a study from Psychological Science, it influenced by gender and sexual orientation. However, there’s a difference between the natural body odor and the one that is linked to lack of shower and inadequate hygiene. Let’s face it; nobody likes to have sex with someone who “smells,” particularly not girls/women. To make sure your significant other is as turned on as you are and fully relaxed, you’ll have to pay more attention to your hygiene. And no, taking a shower doesn’t count if you’re going to wear the same shirt again.

2.) Don’t rush: Do you really want to be better in bed? If so, then slow down.

What every girl/woman hates is when a guy is doing everything too fast making her feel like they’re on some sort of race event. Even worse, you’re rushing to achieve an orgasm and don’t even pay attention whether your significant other is enjoying as well. Yes, quickies are fun from time to time, but they’re not going to help you improve your technique. Instead, treat sex as a special event, take your time and make sure your partner is as excited as you are.

3.) Communicate: You probably assume communication is annoying, but believe it or not; it’s the essential part of lovemaking, and it can help you become a beast between the sheets. You should feel free to ask your spouse or girlfriend what she wants in bed as well as to talk about your desires.

This way, both you and your significant other can improve your skills and have mind-blowing sex. Look at this way; you can’t know what your lover would love to do in bed if she doesn’t say and vice versa. Since your aim is to experience strong erection and even better orgasm while making her scream as well, then communication is mandatory, particularly if you’re experiencing problems like low testosterone, problems with erection, ejaculatory issues, and so on.

4.) Use a desensitizing condom: If you ejaculate too quickly and feel bad about it, you can use a desensitizing condom which contains benzocaine, a numbing agent that prolongs your performance in bed and extends both and your significant other’s pleasure. Also, there’s a variety of gels, lotions, and sprays you can buy for this purpose.

5.) Learn basics first: Men love to experiment and try out different poses. That’s a great thing because it keeps your sex life adventurous. However, you’re making a tiny mistake by skipping to all these different positions before mastering missionary.

Plus, did you know that according to a study from Advances in Urology positions such as woman on top and doggy style result in more fractures than missionary? This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with positions, but before you do it’s practical to master the “standard” positon first. How to do it? Be direct and ask for her feedback. To master any sex position quickly, you’ll need more stamina and harder erections which you can get from top male enhancement pills.

6.) Don’t pressure her: There’s a fine line between proposing something new, exciting, and interesting to your girl and pressuring her into it. A good lover knows where the line is and doesn’t cross it. Just because you feel ready to spice things up with the new position you’ve heard about, it doesn’t mean she is. Does this mean she will never do it? No, it doesn’t. Women like to do things on their own terms, when they feel relaxed and safe with you, and for that, she has to trust you, pressuring won’t help with that.

Oral or anal sex apply to this category as well.

7.) Use props: Massage oils lubes, and sex toys exist for a reason – to help you and your girl have mind-blowing sex and healthy sex life in general. You don’t have to rely on your own body to provide pleasure; there are many sex toys both of you can use to spice things up and raise the excitement through the roof.

8.) Pay attention to her erogenous zones: Do you limit yourself to her breasts and clitoris? Then you’re missing out. The female body has a multitude of erogenous zones and your “job” is to explore and pay attention to all of them. In turn, both you and her will be super excited. Other erogenous zones include her neck, knees, earlobes, knees, and so on.

9.) Don’t be selfish: One of the greatest characteristics of a fantastic lover is unselfishness. From time to time, you should devote yourself to a partner’s pleasure without expecting anything in return. Naturally, you don’t have to do it all time, but having a one night when her satisfaction is all that matters will make her feel special. The bonus is, she’ll probably return the favor the next evening.

10.) Talk dirty: This is the type of talk that you, definitely, like and you’ll be happy to know it will make you better in bed. People enjoy talking dirty because it activates all regions of the brain while the body is getting stimulated, according to Medical Daily. Now that science confirmed it, and your girl/wife loves it as much as you do, nothing’s stopping you from adding to the overall ecstasy in bed with a little bit of dirty talk.

Don’t forget that being a beast in bed also needs exercise (both sexual and fitness) and healthy sleep as well as supplements like Spartagen XT which improve your performance.

Conclusion: Nobody becomes a beast in the bed overnight, but luckily with regular intercourse and paying attention to things you overlooked before can help you become amazing between the sheets. Remember, communication is the key so make sure you talk to your wife or girlfriend today.



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