A while ago, the Penis Enlargement was considered a niche product, and was used only by the men suffering from erectile dysfunction or other penis related problems. This isn’t the case anymore as this product has become very popular these days and is being used by a lot of men around the world.

Almost every other men has his own intentions and expectations from the penis pump, that is because this product has a lot of functions, for example, it can help you get a larger erection for a temporary time period, and it’s long term use can help you get a bigger and thicker penis, and of course, the men suffering from ED also prefer using a penis pump over harmful medications.

In addition to knowing all the potential benefits of a penis pump before using it, you should also know how to use it properly to avoid any mishap. Here are some simple steps that you can follow in this regard.

Read And Follow The Instructions Carefully

All of the penis pumps work in almost the same way, and you won’t need any instructions if you’ve using any type of penis pump before. But for the people whose using the device for the first time, they must read and carefully follow all the instructions that came in the box.

Some people suggest reading the details even if you’re just replacing your old penis pump with a newer one. This way, you’ll know if the newer device has any new functions.

Trim Your Pubic Hair

If you don’t already know, the penis pump using vacuum to help you get a bigger erection, so, make sure you trim your pubic hair as short as possible to make your surface smooth.

This will allow the pump to get a good grip of your skin and it’d easily establish an airtight area.

Never Forget To Use A Lubricant

Using a lubricant when applying the penis pump on your penis will allow you to easily create the vacuum since it helps attach your skin with the device and prevents any outside air from entering the system. Use a water based lubes, because it is easily washable, and use it in a moderate quantity to prevent extra slipperiness.

Do The Pumping Part Wisely

Especially at the start of buying a penis pump, be careful about how much time you allow for it to retain its vacuum. You should start by pumping for only 2 to 3 times per week, and then work your way up as you get comfortable with the device. The maximum amount of time per session should be no more than 20 minutes at first, however, you can increase the timing after getting comfortable with the device.

When you start using the penis pump for the first time, you might start to witness some bruises, but don’t worry, as symptoms like these are common with the newer users. But this device works wonderfully and does its work pretty well, you can check out Bathmate Hydro Pump.

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