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Men: What are The Coolest Items for Ultimate Man Caves?

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No matter how old men are, they will always have that little boy sleeping within them.

Every teenager needs a room full of posters, and every man needs a man cave. Both represent personal space, but with great differences. A man cave is a filled with many gadgets and appliances.

Are there any specifics within a man cave?

Besides beer, toys and even more toys, there are a few things extra. Here are some of the most important items every ultimate man cave should have.

Honey, I’m Home

Every adult man needs a place to relax at the end of the day. This is where the chair comes in. Whether it is a gaming chair or a simple sofa, it has to be as comfortable as it can get.

In case of a major game on TV or a simple hang-around with a few friends, that sitting spot has to be flawless. Some chairs also have a foot rest, to maximize the comfort.

Ultimate Man Cave

The Color of Money

If you have a spacious crib and could afford to place a pool table, I suggest you do it. Nothing spells fun like a game of 8 ball.

In addition, every game is unique and super fun especially when played with friends. In case you somehow manage to get bored, you can always switch to another entertainment, such as the one listed below.

Ultimate Man Cave

Home Archery

If you kept losing to your best friend, or you just couldn’t hit that last hole, perhaps switching from a pool game to a dart game seems like a reasonable thing to do.

Darts is a pretty simple game; throw the dart and aim for the numbers you desire. Simple as that, but more fun than it meets the eye. When you hit your first bull’s eye, prepare for an adrenaline rush.

Remember to warn the neighbors in case of a potential noise. If you are creative enough, you can always make it yourself and save some money.

Ultimate Man Cave

Widescreen Plasma

A man cave is not complete until a big TV is placed within. The game might soon be on, and missing a single detail could ruin it for you.

There are also geeky Throwback Thursdays made for movie marathons. Just like the doctor ordered, a case of cold beer and a TV to watch the game on.

Ultimate Man Cave

A 5.1 Stereo System

Get ready to rock with your surround system. If you are throwing a party or simply spicing things up, a good music heard from 3 blocks afar will definitely do the job.

To be even more creative, create Karaoke Fridays for you and your friends. Compete with each other and see who has the best voice… or the loudest scream?

Ultimate Man Cave

PlayStation or Xbox?

No matter how old you are, games will always be a part of your life. If you are a fan of consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation, there are plenty of games which you can try out and new ones are being released every year.

Of course, PC is another platform where you can have a great gaming experience and perhaps test your skills in a ranked matchmaking. With the recent rise of E-Sports, you might even have what it takes to make it.

Keep living the dream until it comes true.

Ultimate Man Cave

Someone Ordered a Cocktail?

Affording one could be quite expensive, but it is worth every dollar. Making cocktails was always fun, especially if you know how to do it properly.

If you manage to get your hands on Hisense fridge with double temperatures, your wines will be taken care of.

Parties will never be the same, and you will be in the center of attention when mixing those cocktails. When throwing bottle in the air and juggling, be careful not to hurt yourself.

Ultimate Man Cave

I would Like a Beer, Please

The best refrigerator is the one filled with beer. No matter which day of the week it is or what you are doing, your beer will always be cold. Coming home from work-hitting the fridge; enjoying the movie with the guys-hitting the fridge. No matter what you do, fridge seems to be your fuel station.

Ultimate Man Cave

A Good Old Sports Collection

Showing off in front of your friends is just another way to make them jealous of your man cave.

Having lots of sports souvenirs (such as jerseys or banners of your favorite team framed on the wall) will make almost any man instantly jealous.

To go even further, look for signed and autographed jerseys and balls and add them to your collection.

Ultimate Man Cave

The ultimate man cave is a man’s castle, his kingdom and domain. These are the things every man cave requires in order to be truly recognized.

If you always wanted to decorate your own man cave but lacked motivation and knowledge, now would be the time to do it.

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