Men, my fellow brothers, if there is one must-have accessory you cannot be without this summer, is a good pair of sunglasses.

Whether they are designer frames from Ralph Lauren or Gucci, or even store-bough from CVS, a pair of sunglasses is vital this coming summer due to the bright rays and glare from the sun.

Whatever reason you have for wanting or having a pair of sunglasses, here are my personal reasons why it’s a smart eye care investment to have a pair of shades nearby.

The Mr. Cool Factor: Perhaps this is me being born in the 70’s—Born in 1976, Bicentennial baby!—or just because I can, there is just something cool, stylish and downright pimp when it comes to wearing a pair of sunglasses, inside or outside.

Obviously, every man is his own man, but if you’re a bro who wants to add a touch of style to his everyday gear, a pair of good sunglasses may be a smart investment.

Block out UV Radiation: With summer right around the corner, the concentration of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is also at its highest. If you wish to avoid such potential UV exposure to your own eyes, buying a pair of shades with UV-anti glare coating is the way to go.

The Transition Game: If you are one of many—like me, for example—who own a pair of sunglasses, but need a pair of eyewear that can also protect you from the sun, a pair of transition eyeglasses maybe what you’re looking for.

Transition—or progressive—glasses, which gradually change color according to the amount of light, are one of the trendiest accessories in fashion today. Not only will they give your prescription eye wear—and your eyes—protection from the sun, but also change colors too.

Protection from Eye Strain: For all of their chicness and style, one underrated benefit of owning a pair of sunglasses, is that they help against eye strain. Whether it is looking at a smartphone, LCD or even outside, our eyes are exposed to some form of light every day 24-7.

Because of this, there are not special sets of computer glasses that have anti-glare coating to help cut down on potential eye strain.

Those are my five reasons why you need a good pair of sunglasses this season. Whether it is for style or need, the perfect pair of shades adds that proverbial oomph to every man’s look.

Good hunting, bros!

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