The Mercedes AMG models are popular all over the world and a long seller on the market.

But what does “AMG” mean in Mercedes cars?

AMG” is an abbreviation for the founders and the place of foundation of the Mercedes company. On 1 June 1967 Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhardt Melcher founded their company in Großaspach. The first letters of the last names of the founders and the first letter of the place of foundation form the addition to the Mercedes cars, “AMG”. In 1999, however, 51% of Hans Werner Aufrecht’s shares were taken over by Daimler AG and the company was renamed Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Special features of the Mercedes AMG

In the Mercedes AMG models, the R4, V8 and V12 engines are manufactured in the traditional “One Man, One Engine” production. Only one technician assembles an engine by hand and is responsible for it from installation to filling the engine oil. This is shown by the visible signature of the technician on the AMG engine badge.

In addition, the AMG accessories give you additional and individual scope for design, underlining your own character.

The most popular AMG models

The Mercedes bestseller is the mid-range C-Class model. The AMG C43 sedan and the AMG C43 Estate model were sold 450,000 times in 2017. There is also strong demand for the Mercedes E-Class. The sedan and the T-model were sold 350,000 times. However, the most popular models remain the SUVs. 850,000 cars, including the AMG GLS and the AMG G, were sold in 2017. The best sellers among the AMG accessories are the roof boxes, snow chains and alarm systems.

The latest AMG models

The new Mercedes models AMG A45 and AMG A45 S 4MATIC+ have been available since July 2019.

The new AMG A45 models, with a 2.0 litre engine, accelerate up to 421 hp. The standard four-cylinder engine has been completely redesigned and is available in two power ratings. The basic model of the AMG A45 has an impressive 387 hp and the S version 421 hp. Mercedes has also significantly increased the torque and the speed curve. With an acceleration force of 480 Newton metres, or 500 Newton metres in the S version, the car is accelerated. The engine is only slowed down at 7200 rpm. The look of the cars can be further enhanced with sporty AMG accessories.

What should I bear in mind with a used AMG?

As with all used cars, the most important thing is how the previous owner treated the car. It is particularly advisable to always drive the car warm or cold in order to protect the car. But if you don’t want to buy a used Mercedes AMG from a private dealer, Mercedes offers quality-tested used cars from Mercedes Junge Sterne.

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