This last weekend has sealed the fate of the Training Staff in New York.  In my opinion, it is time for them to be fired every last one of them.  This has been going on for 3 years now and has failed to get better.  This season already the Mets have 8 players on the disabled list.

Cesepdes, Duda, Flores, Lugo, Matz, Nimmo, Wright and the latest Syndergaard are all very important players on the team.  We are less than 30 days into the season and already 8 players on the DL.  Last Season at the end of the year the Mets lost a lot of key players.  It is something that they are not doing but something needs to be done about it.

The Mets have not handled situations well early on this season.  There have been multiple problems this season including this last one with Syndergaard. I would suggest firing the coaching staff but maybe they can get a pass on this.  I say we start with the training staff and see if it improves.  If it doesn’t improve then you can start looking into the coaching staff.

Whatever happened this past Sunday, either way, doesnt look good for the Mets. Either Syndergaard has no trust in the training staff or that the training staff didn’t think he needed an MRI. Either way is grounds for termination.  This season is not a complete loss but it is going to be a struggle.

Mets fans need to be outraged by this someone needs to be held accountable.  They can not sit around and watch the training staff continue to destroy our young pitching staff. Someone needs to fall on the sword for this.  In my opinion, we should start with the training staff.  They are the ones who are supposed to have these athletes ready to play ball.

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  1. I agree sir. Good start on changes, but I still hold a grudge against Collins for letting Harvey get away with his temper tantrum that lost the World Series. Collins has to go also. Managers have to manage players and not let the player’s ego manage the manager.

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