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Mexico vs. USA : Dos A Cero Curse Strikes El Tri Again In 2-0 Loss to USMNT.

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COLUMBUS – Same stadium, same city, same teams, same score. At this rate, the U.S. men’s national soccer team should play Mexico in Columbus every year.

Thanks to goals from Eddie Johnson and Landon Donovan, USMNT defeated their most bitter rivals from south of the border, Mexico, 2-0. 

Coupled with a Honduras tie with Panama, the Yanks advanced to their seventh straight World Cup and dropped a lost-looking and weary El Tri side to fifth in the six-team CONCACAF hexagonal, desperate for points, direction and a spark on offense.

After firing manager Manuel “Chepo” de la Torre on Saturday, El Tri and their new caretaker manager, Luis Fernando Tena ventured into what has become the unofficial graveyard where Mexican World Cup qualifying soccer dreams go to die. 

Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio? Who would have thought. 

Why such a small and intimate venue as Crew Stadium vexes the mighty El Tri is about as baffling as the Bermuda Triangle, Area 51 and Atlantis, but since 2001, and again in 2005 and 2009, Mexico lost to the Americans by the same score of 2-0, better now known as among Sam’s Army supporters as “Dos A Cero!” 

Dos A Cero!  Such a simple phrase, yet for Mexican supporters, it might as well be the equivalent of a death sentence when playing in the American heartland. 

Just as the intimidating and mystical 100,000-seat Azteca and the heavy Mexico City smog and high altitude has baffled and flummoxed American teams for years, the tiny—and yet quaint—20,145-seat Crew Stadium is Mexico’s own little shop of horrors in yet another 2-0 loss to their most hated rivals. 

It certainly proved yet again to the Yank’s personal fortress of solitude in baffling Mexico, 2-0, yet again.

Dos A Cero!  

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