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Miami Dolphins: It’s Time To Move On From Jay Cutler

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Jay Cutler was retired and ready to start his career as a broadcaster when the Miami Dolphins came calling. It took a season-ending injury for Ryan Tannehill for the Dolphins to pursue Cutler, but it didn’t take long for the former Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears’ quarterback to decide to return to the NFL.

Just three games into the season, the Dolphins are 1-2 with pathetic losses to the New York Jets and New Orleans Saints. Not only did they lose those games, they lost them by a combined 40-6 score. That lack of offensive production is unacceptable and it is time for the Dolphins to move on from Cutler.

That’s right, even after just three games it is obvious that Cutler is not working out in Miami. He has been unable to lead the offense and his numbers are downright horrible. Cutler has completed 66.7 percent of his passes, but he has only totaled 614 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions.

In an offense that has weapons like Jay Ajayi, DeVante Parker, and Jarvis Landry, there are no excuses for lack of production.

Tannehill will be back following the 2017 season, which would leave the Dolphins with Matt Moore to start at quarterback. That may not be exactly what the franchise wants to do. If they decide to go another route, there are a couple quarterbacks in free agency that could make sense for a flier to see if they can resurrect their careers.

First and foremost, Robert Griffin III could be a free agency option for the Dolphins. He has seen his career destroyed by injuries, but is still just 27 years old and has time to resurrect his career. Griffin played in five games last season for the Browns, throwing for 886 yards, two touchdowns, and three interceptions.

His numbers are no better than Cutler’s, but his potential is still there. Griffin was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and would be a good long-term option if he could somehow stay on the field and figure himself out.

That being said, it is highly unlikely that the Dolphins would be interested in signing Griffin. Moore would be another option, after throwing for 721 yards, eight touchdowns, and just three interceptions last season.

No matter what the Dolphins do, it is obvious that Cutler is not the right guy. He has looked uninterested on the field and has not been able to win over the locker room. Head coach Adam Gase doesn’t seem ready to give up on Cutler just yet, but he could be firmly on the hot seat himself with the disappointing seasons that he has had in Miami as an “offensive guru.”

Cutler likely won’t be replaced by the Dolphins this week, but another week of disastrous offensive play and another loss to the Tennessee Titans might make a move more likely. Perhaps Cutler would have been better off sticking with Fox and his broadcasting contract.

Expect to see the Dolphins stick with Cutler as the starter moving forward into Week 5. Even though he has struggled mightily through the first three games, Gase likes him. Maybe, just maybe, he will be able to make me eat these words, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were a Dolphins’ fan.

Do you think the Miami Dolphins should move on from Jay Cutler? Do you believe he can turn his season around? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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